The Launch of

We are proud to announce the launch of (A & J Washroom Accessories) – one of the four biggest worldwide suppliers/manufacturers of washroom accessories in the country. Serving a unique industry targeting a niche market, it took us more than a clever design concept and advanced back end programming to get the job done right. Focusing on their business model of delivering superior customer service, we’ve revamped their entire site to reflect this commitment by implementing the key feature of advanced product search. Using AJAX Live Search, where results are shown as you type and narrows as you continue to type, customers are able to search and find exactly what they’re looking for within the pool of 1000+ products existing in their database with ease, accuracy, and speed. Through this, we definitely achieved the client’s goal of making the customers’ online experience as “user-friendly and productive” as possible. What inspired us with the design? Well first, we’ll be honest and say that bathroom accessories are not exactly the most glamorous products in the world. Making a soap dispenser look sexy was a bit of a challenge. The approach was simple; using mostly gradients of white and grey to give off the clean washroom + steel feel and slight accents of the logo color throughout. Some detailed photo retouching and a very subtle opening slide effect of the featured products on the homepage did the trick. These products look fantastic and blended in perfectly with the overall design. Congratulations on your launch AJW!