Online Marketing Platforms 2017

Online Marketing platforms
Online Marketing platforms

Marketing Platforms 2017

Online marketing has become one must-have strategy for business today. They need to have online marketing in place regardless their business is online or offline. There is a huge demand for online marketing and plethora of people are in online marketing. One thing that is so un-comforting for almost everyone is the fact there is a humungous amount of competition. This is one reason people get to sell their product but lose the market over others pretty soon. Online marketing is must but more important is to have your promotion strategy a unique one. What I meant by that is you need to be promoting your business on specific platforms which are better and new. It is important for you to have your reach to the customers where they are surfing today and not just having your presence in the mainstream platforms where everyone else is. We have revealed the marketing platforms 2017, which are unique.

#1 Yelp

Online marketing is not all about telling people about your product. It is also about having people talk about your product and give a review about your product. Where do you get it? you get it from the Yelp. Yelp is a platform where people provide ratings and tons of reviews. Online marketing is not better done with anything else but the reviews, hence, have your team work on Yelp. Make product in such a way that people review it good.

#2 Quora

Online marketing is not completed without having a presence on Quora. Quora is a platform where people ask questions from various people who are expert in that field. Companies maintain blogs on Quora to answer all the questions of the people. You can use it to increase traffic to your website by giving quality answers to the questions.

#3 Reddit

When talking about online marketing how can we forget about Reddit? Reddit is a platform which is popular for news posts. Companies post news which are shown on the first page based on the upvoting. Your new launch can attract a lot of traffic to your website. Reddit is also helpful in creating quality backlinks, so you can kill two birds with a single stone.

#4 Instagram

Online marketing is not only about the information or persuasion rather it is a blend of everything which is there. Making the best use of Instagram to convey your message and persuading them with customized pictures. Making it attractive and reaching out to the customers with a story makes your target easily achievable. You not only get to generate leads but you can leave an impression which leads to branding.

#5 Pinterest

A very popular online marketing platform is Pinterest. Many companies use Pinterest to show and tell people about their products and offers. A number of people can be your prospects who follow Pinterest. You need to be compelling and your posts should be attractive. People can be intrigued by the pics but they might not buy it until they are not convinced. So, all you need to do is to customize the pictures in a way that could compel your prospects.

A final piece of advice is to have a blend of these platforms along with the other platforms. It is important to have a presence on these platforms along with the traditional platforms like Facebook and YouTube.