Top 10 Strategies for Video Promotion

Top 10 Strategies for Video Promotion

Promotion gets easier and effective when you have something to offer more than the normal. Though the promoters use videos in their promotion rigorously today, they are still not very successful at it. Let me introduce to those 10 strategies for video promotion that you can use to make your video promotion better.

Strategies for video promotion

#1 Video Search Engine Optimization

First things first, when you can optimize your written content then why not your video content, you need to do that by using webmaster tools and once you optimize your video using optimized titles and use as attractive of a description with all the keywords as possible. When you are asked to mention keywords, don’t forget to mention the whole bunch of keywords in the tags box. Your video will not show up in the first page until and unless your video is not optimized properly.

#2 Use your Video to Address Important Things

It is important to address some important things that you think will grab the attention of your audience, and will be appreciated by them. There are things that people want to know about your product and if you can tell them that then not only they will come back to your videos but that might also help you convert that lead into sales. Keep a track of the questions raised by people about your brand and product. Use that list of questions and address them, help your customers know everything they want to know.

#3 Create Backlinks

Share your videos as much as possible and make sure you share your videos in the right channel so that your content is reached to the people who need them. Make available your video links on Quora, make it available on Facebook and places like those where people are willing to see the videos. Backlinks will help you gain traffic and more importantly, it will help you to remind people about your presence in the market. Make comments such that people are compelled to click the embedded links.

#4 Do Branding

Don’t leave a single stone unturned and make sure you brand your videos by making an introductory clip for the viewers before they get to watch the video this way they will remember things that would lead them to come back to your place. You have to understand that your videos are not mere videos but those represent your company so, if your videos are good and compelling then your brand will find more space in the market.

#5 Integrate your Videos in your Personal Blogs

Making videos and uploading them is easy and will not take much time before you could see progress in your video promotion but if you can do something that can even make you more visible than what could possibly the reason you wouldn’t do it. Make use of your blogs to promote your videos and this will enable you to link your blog or e-commerce website to the YouTube channel. Your branding is in your hands and you have everything available so, make the best use of it.

#6 Keep the Videos Short and Interesting

Do you want your audience to really take interest in the videos you are sharing with them? Then you need to make sure that your content in the video is short, to the point and interesting to keep them bound until the last. Make sure your video has good visual effects such as time-lapsing, animation to make your video even more interesting which will bind your audience.

#7 Upload the Right Video at the Right Time

Uploading a video with the price and offers at a time when your audience is expecting a video to learn the features of your product will be a total waste wouldn’t it be? Indeed, it would be so, make sure you know what your audience needs today and what they need tomorrow. Your whole video promotion will go into vain if you did not find what is the right time for a specific video. You need to be very creative in uploading your video. You can have a series of entertainment sequel and try to promote your product out of it.

#8 Videos should Focus on Selling

The videos should at all times focus on selling. Because that is what makes it a success, people watching your videos probably know that your video focuses on a product. If they click to watch it then they have a willingness to buy the product. That is the way you want to approach the video. The better you explain about your product the better it will sell in the market. You need to compare your product with other products to make your audience realize that this is what they want.

#9 You should give a Brief Detail About the Video in the Description Box

You should give a brief which details everything in the video and this leads to audience satisfaction. This will also lead to a sale, and word of mouth as well. People do not want to watch the video over and again and if you want people to know things then you better give a brief. You can use this description box to leave a link to your website and to make a point that you forgot to make in the video. You can update the description regularly if required.

#10 Do Upload New Videos on Occasions

Occasions are the prime time to upload the videos. Because in the festive season people tend to buy more. And the more they are aware of your product the more are the chances that they would buy it. There has been so much buzz about the Great Indian Sale on Amazon that people are bound to buy. This is one kind of strategy that you can opt for your product.

So, these are the ten strategies that you can follow to make your video promotion a success. Just a final piece of advice, give your audience a quality content that they desire for.