Investment is key in order to Expand globally, as there needs to be a balance between long-term growth and performance volatility, in order to avoid compromising short-term needs. It takes time and careful planning to create wealth for any organization. And also needs on-going oversight and attention to fulfill globalization needs.

We at WEVIO, help companies to assess their assets/portfolios, cash flows, spending needs that in turn helps them in financial decision making. As we are working with other professional advisors from different countries, we can assure global Expansion using the most appropriate methods.

Our services Include:

  • General investment plans Investment policy development
  • Comprehensive financial planning and asset allocation strategies
  • Industry Based Financial Planning
  • Fee negotiations with vendors
  • Trading Solutions (soft dollars, directed brokerage)
  • Fee benchmarking
  • Asset allocation
  • Coordination with distribution commitments
  • Investment manager search and evaluations
  • Protective evaluation
  • Risk/reward management
  • Asset class expansion/contraction
  • Tax-efficient investment strategies
  • Guidance on Social Security benefits
  • Insurance Guidance
  • Investment and withdrawal strategies
  • Model portfolio development

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