One of the biggest challenges for Research & Development organizations is marketing their innovations in the global market. This challenge will cause the following impediments.

  • There will be a lot of confusion and inconsistency over Intellectual property Policies.
  • Researchers might not have the right channel or an obvious market to commercialize their products.
  • Researchers must focus more on R&D to bring their Innovations to global standards
  • R&D Companies rarely have Commercially–viable Management

R&D Companies need a Global Marketing Company for Commercialization. Most business surveys indicate that “most of the successful technology companies are led by sales and marketing team, not by the Technical folks”.

We here at WEVIO,through our Technology Transfer Team can help develop your research towards commercialization by protecting companies Intellectual properties with proper licensing between the R&D firms and the companies who need technology transfer.

Our Process Involves:

  • Identify Research & Development Companies, Universities & Organizations
  • Technology Innovation Evolution & Assessment
  • Intellectual property (IP) protection process such as Patents and Rights
  • Marketing Technology Innovations to the potential partner companies who need Technology transfer
  • Licensing In and Outs
  • TT and Transactions
  • Infrastructure
  • Promoting Technology Transfer and Commercialization