Wevio Global Inc team’s trade show display with bold images and clear messaging is the first step to put together a trade show promotion that gets attention for more people to our client’s booth. The next step, Wevio Global Inc provides is for to stretch and grow your show to boost your business and get maximum exposure.

Wevio Global Inc is a concrete strategic thinker. We never get caught up with the competitors of our clients – We select vertical market shows and focus on our exhibit graphics message and promotions to appeal more directly to that vertical market audience.

Exhibiting internationally is a worthwhile way to grow your business – and it’s definitely an advanced strategy. You have to deal with customs (both the laws and the culture), time zone, language and currency differences and starting over from scratch sometimes since your company and products are probably unknown there. Wevio Global Inc lets our clients reach the challenging market with confidence.

Wevio Global Inc treats the trade show program not as an isolated marketing touch point, but as a key component in the selling cycle. We help our clients to have promotional activities that will resonate with people. We support our clients by adding video and interactive technologies such as a monitor, flat screen, iPad and other forms that can create more visual stopping power and give our client’s staffers presentation and demo tools with video and interactive technologies. Videos that are short, punchy and have high production values get attention.

After the exhibition/trade show is over we guide our clients to tie the lead gathering tighter to our client’s company sales and marketing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database by supporting the know-how of immediate follow ups and forwarding the leads to the appropriate staffs of the company. We promise to make the difference & the future of your global business with our effective Exhibition Trade Show Services.

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