Local Network Development

What do we mean by “Overseas Marketing”? For us it is local marketing.

Ever since the establishment of our main headquarters in New York City in 1998 followed by the branch office in India in 2005, Wevio Global Inc has started the first service to the Republic of Korea in the International City Songdo of Incheon in 2010 on the solid foundation of timely experience on consulting business on Overseas Marketing of various worldwide companies by our multinational professional dedicated staffs.

We have attained what is solemnly essential to Korea through numerous government supported business events, business proposals and business supported global marketing for domestic leading enterprises in the 21st century so far.

Now is the high time where businesses of Koreans need to have a worldly perspective of globalized modern thinking and skills in the era of globalization to advance out to the infinite worldwide market.

The world is alive and moving! The changes take place so fast for the operations of the Korean companies to catch up as it is conventional to think in terms of the domestic market only.

We will prepare the most efficient Global Marketing Services and Local Network Development Services with the most effective strategy and analysis to promote the proud Korean companies to be top leaders of the world stage with assured confidence.

Our Wevio overseas marketing of the world market is not just international marketing. It is absolutely on the spot local marketing. We promise to be a reliable company trying our best and doing our best at what we do.

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