Web Standards

You want your ATM card to work with all ATM machines. The same goes for your website

In the old days (pre 1998), each web designer and developer built websites in their own way. In the new generation of Web, where websites are able to talk to other websites, this causes huge problems in terms of compatibility. This is why over the past few years, The World Wide Web Consortium, also known as W3C[SY1] , has been working to set a standard for how a website should be developed. We are passionate about Web Standards as well as best-practices in usability.

Why should your website be Web Standards compliant?

  • It ensures that website will function correctly in all browsers and devices
  • Pages load faster due to simplified HTML code
  • Search engines can crawl the site easier since information is structured
  • As browsers and devices evolve, your site will continue to function correctly

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