Affiliate Marketing

An easy way to promote your business vests in the hands of online and offline affiliates and marketers. Use the best possible way to attract reputed affiliates to promote your business.

Affiliate Marketing is one of most profitable and efficient advertising. It is a management service which offered by eMarketing. Affiliate marketing is the idea of empowering other business sites and internet users to promote your website to new user base. Affiliate Marketing costs nothing to place your banner ads and links on other sites and there is no fee to advertise you affiliate business.

You pay a “membership” fee only once a sale or lead has been generated, depending on how the commission structure. For members with performance-based incentive compensation sends a much larger volume of potential customers to your business. There is great potential to advertising, endless! Once you have created, just grows exponentially. While the drivers, the more you earn. Affiliate
Marketing is a very inexpensive way to promote your business.

Getting success when it comes to affiliate marketing needs careful planning from the outset and ongoing management throughout the season. We have experience in managing affiliate campaigns that produce results. We offer Affiliate Marketing Solutions for merchants who want to advertise products or services online. Our Experienced Affiliate Marketing Strategies to ensure your business get all the visibility in the appropriate platform, which amounting to increased ROI enhancement and lead generation.

Affiliate marketing scope of work includes:

  • Subscribe and identify to potential ad publisher network
  • Implementation of affiliate marketing solutions and software for home networking
  • Defining the right affiliate marketing strategies
  • Performance Monitoring affiliate network, along with weekly reports
  • Monitoring services and affiliate fraud prevention of affiliate network.
  • Recruitment of new affiliates through personalized emails

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