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Enter the world of web applications! From supply chain and CRM to human resource management, this new variety of web-based systems can be accessed from any browser on any platform.

Whether you need a Custom E-Commerce Application, database integration, a member portal, or an Intranet or Extranet application, our team of Web programmers has the technical expertise and practical experience to create the right solution.

Intranets and Extranets

One of the biggest problems facing organizations today is how to effectively share information not only within an office, but also with other locations, clients, and vendors around the world. Whether your company is small or large, our Intranet and Extranet solutions will serve as a truly effective, electronic community for your company, clients and partners.

Wevio Global Inc’s intranet/extranet applications will help you streamline and automate workflow, collect information on-line, report on data from multiple systems and manage content and documents for multiple departments with centralized data management.

Build an Intranet or Extranet Solution

We understand that the needs of your business are unique, so we work with you to provide the right solution for your business needs, helping you integrate all of your sales leads and product information into one centralized system. We can provide a custom Intranet or Extranet solution based on your current and future goals that works.

Our team has a great deal of expertise in Intranet design and Extranet development. We have built custom Intranet and Extranet systems for several large corporations and organizations, including Dial 7, Kiss Nails and NTT Docomo. You can learn more about the Intranet and Extranet solutions we provided to these clients in our portfolio.

A Secure Intranet or Extranet Application for Your Company

Our Intranet and Extranet applications give your organization an efficient Communication System as well as Information Management system. While designing an Intranet or Extranet application, we implement the latest encryption technology to make sure all data is secure. To keep the confidential data safe we incorporate SSL technology and provide multiple levels of access. Since we custom develop these systems from the ground up, we can tailor your Intranet or Extranet application to meet your exact specifications and provide the best solution for your organization. Our solutions are safe, secure, and simple.

Rich Internet Applications

Expertise team at Wevio Global Inc is capable of doing RIA projects for your business in an efficient and attractive way. We work on JavaScript, DHTML & Ajax with PHP, Ruby on Rails Framework, Macromedia Flash/Flex Platform. These Rich Internet Applications (RIA) solutions are Web based applications that have the features of traditional desktop applications based applications with better interactivity and data communication. We have exemplified our skills in Rich Internet Applications therefore; you will get technology experts RIA professionals with us in a cost effective manner.

Complex processes like registration, online shopping and data analysis is simplified with the usage of RIA’s. Effective usage of RIA’s can bring interactive experience to our customers. Rich Internet Applications can also be made to work with existing web application infrastructure and small modules and can be deployed even as part of normal HTML pages.

A variety of tools have been developed to address the general problem of rich internet applications. The most common is Macromedia Flash and Macromedia Flex, a development kit for creating flash-based applications. Flash and Flex can also be an excellent way to create handheld applications and device management interfaces.

Rich Internet Application Development

We have created several custom Rich Internet Applications for a variety of vertical industries. Rich Internet Applications include self-contained components such as real-time stock tickers to complex integrated systems such as online hotel reservation applications.

E-commerce RIA Development

One of our most popular Rich Internet Applications in the shopping cart module we created for Beauty Online Supply, a largest Nail manufacture in New York We streamlined the process by creating a custom RIA shopping cart. Now the checkout process is much quicker and more seamless, and the user can edit order information without having to click back and next. As a result, shopping cart abandonment has decreased and revenue has increased!

Widget / Gadget Development

Extend your message beyond the confines of your Web site through branded widgets for social networking sites and blogs.

Looking for a business savvy way to get in on the social networking craze? Widgets might just be the answer. Sometimes called gadgets, badges, or snippets, these simple applications can be installed and executed within other sites like blogs or social networks. Widgets can also take your message offline by offering your customers downloadable Vista sidebar gadgets or Mac dashboard widgets.

With our comprehensive custom apps development services, the possibilities are endless, from RSS news feeds to games to mashups of several Web services. Whatever your idea, we can create a widget that Web surfers and site owners can easily share through their blogs or social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace. These tools can be used to promote your business, drive traffic to your site or simply provide incoming links for search engine popularity.

ASP.NET Applications

Our team of experienced Web programmers can create custom ASP.NET business applications to meet your objectives.

Microsoft’s .NET Development Platform offers many advantages over traditional Web programming platforms, including increased application speed and response time, improved reusability of programming code and easier integration with other applications.

Custom ASP.NET Application Development

Our .NET Application Development Team specializes in programming custom Web applications in Microsoft’s .NET Development Platform. We can put our expertise to work for you by developing a custom .NET application to meet your objectives.

.NET E-commerce Programming

We develop all of our extensive E-commerce Web sites in ASP.NET. These Web sites typically feature several advanced applications, including real-time order tracking, support for multiple currencies and languages and automatic FedEx shipping label generation.

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