Email Marketing

Have you ever imagined the amount of time a user spends checking his/her email in a day? If you can analyze even your individual time spent, imagine the impact email marketing can have on your business!

Implementing an advanced email marketing programme requires a high range of creative, technical and strategic marketing skills. At Wevio Global Inc, we serve our clients with an advanced proven way to generate traffic, improve sales, build their brand and maximize ROI. Our Email Marketing Services enable you to send targeted and timely information to your recipients on demand. We’ll help you plan, design, and build your email marketing campaigns while ensuring they achieve top delivery rates.

For continuous guidance throughout the project each Wevio Global Inc customer is assigned with an account manager who is an expert in their respective field. Our account managers help define your email strategy, manage the implementation of advanced emailing techniques and provide on-going analysis of your email programme to add quick results to the campaign.

What we Offer.

The business environment demands a quick decision making capability. Wevio Global Inc’s Blog, Forum System solutions deliver a Business savvy intelligence system – which acts as a repository of intelligent and market-centric ideas and solution.

We offer the following:

  • Managed email campaigns
  • Data audits and list cleaning
  • HTML email template build
  • Email Marketing Health checks
  • Deliverability audits
  • Custom surveys
  • Micro-sites and custom web pages

Our goal has always been to provide our clients with email marketing services that are extremely power and easy to use.

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