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Today, clients usually would use the internet to check the opinion of others before vesting their time and belief on a brand/product. It is therefore essential to maintain a clean presence on forums and bulletin boards where peoples’ likes and dislikes of a brand is discussed regularly.

The popularity for forums is increasing day on day across the internet as they drive lot of online business traffic and in turn provide a lot of Return on Investment. The rise of the Internet along with the advent of Web 2.0 provides a platform for varied types of user-generated content such as blogs, forums and social networking sites. Forum Development is a web application for holding discussions & posting user generated content. These internet forums are also referred as web forums, message boards, discussion boards, (electronic) discussion groups, discussion forums, bulletin boards, or simply forums.

At Wevio Global Inc, we provide a custom forum web development solution, which means that the site can be designed and developed as per your requirements. We have enough expertise in designing the forums using the popular platform of phpBB.
We help you in developing forums with all the necessary features, including user account set up, theme development and assigning administrator and moderator tools to regulate the upcoming & existing users. We are capable of developing any custom functionality for your forum or to enhance the existing functionality.

We do not practise the delivery of off-the-shelf packages; instead we understand the business objectives of the client and create a unique and functional forum system.

What we Offer.

The business environment demands a quick decision making capability. Wevio Global Inc’s Blog, Forum System solutions deliver a Business savvy intelligence system – which acts as a repository of intelligent and market-centric ideas and solution.Our forum development services are unique, innovative and outstanding.

Wevio Global Inc’s custom Forum System Solutions enable

  • Expert moderation of queries posed by forum members – resulting in intelligent output of conversations
  • Moderators can respond or close a discussion thread based on its logical state
  • Seamless integration of the Forum system with SMS of your cell phone
  • Wevio Global Inc’s Blog, Forum System solutions provide one panel administrative functions for setting up Forums and Moderators.

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