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Be the sunshine in someone’s life ~ Instantly turn a long boring day at work or a bad experience shopping, or any other unpleasant incidence into a smile as soon as the user arrives on to your website; wondering how?
The answer lies in Interactive Games or Tiny Web Widgets.

A widget is a small program that you can easily put on your website. They aren’t necessarily advertisements. A widget can be anything from a simple online survey to a climatic forecast to a list of business headlines to an open to all quiz! They really help bring-in the all indispensable patron.

An interactive game also functions on the same lines, albeit it entertains and sometimes educates customers visiting your website. You can design a simple game based around your company’s products or origin and see your customers become increasingly aware of your products and offerings. What’s more? They bring in their friends and family through reference or word of mouth publicity.

Widgets comprise of varying length and size, depending on their intended purpose. However, there are mainly two types under development today and they are generally perceived to be: Web widgets and Desktop widgets. A web widget can be embedded onto a web page and have an impact on site performance, campaigns and SEO. Whereas a desktop widget can be embedded on local computers, and not impact any of the above.

Experience Interactive games and widget development services that have become increasingly popular in today’s environment, where users of social media are able to add stand-alone applications to blogs, profiles and community pages. An integrated mix of mediums and content is required to truly build online brands. A holistic communications approach via the interactive media platform is surely the answer to building sustainable brands.

At Wevio Global Inc we develop interactive 2D and 3D gaming, interactive content, presentations, learning, and marketing tools, either as modular elements for integration into existing systems or as full websites. To know how we can help, please contact us for more information.

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