Multilingual Translation Services

Solution to the challenges of translation advancing to the global market

We are prepared to solve the use of local language difficulties when advancing to the global market. Wevio Global Inc with its effective multilingual translation services can maximize your marketing strategy as our manpower has several foreign language professors, lecturers and local translation experts at home and abroad configured to use the correct terminology and high-context sentences for the most suitable local language translations to your desired contents.

Quality Management

  • 1. Project Leaders: Reflect the needs of the client, Manages planning & translators
  • 2. Translators: Promotes translation project when the experts in the field by a team is fully organized and the basic guidelines for translation is shared by the team.
  • 3. Proofreading Team: Takes a step-by-step configuration depending on the difficulty level of the translation. The consistency, spelling, mistranslation and the suitability of the content is reviewed including by examining the translation with the recursive relationship of translators and proofreaders exchanging feedbacks,

Multilingual Translation Service

  • We carry out the production of local promotional materials, website localization, versions of localized product manuals through the translation line built upon the highest intelligent reputation along with guidance from the local professional translation experts.


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