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Public relations are the real test of a company’s standing amongst its peers, especially in the digital age, where even a “rumor” can break an image built over years of hard work. As the saying by Mark Twain goes, “The public is the only critic whose opinion is worth anything at all.”

Online Public Relations involve actions geared towards influencing media, audiences and communities that exist exclusively on the Internet. The most frequently used of these tools include: discussion threads, search engines, news, social networks, forums, blogs and other online communication tools. It is also noteworthy to mention of Online Brand Reputation Management and monitoring, as the same plays a large role towards your organization’s online image.

Monitoring what others talk about your brand can provide early warning signs for product or service related issues. It is also wise to monitor what the marketplace has to say about your brand. This means that you have to be alert and respond to situations before they become out of control. A few venues to read brand reviews pertaining to your company’s offering would include blogs, discussion threads, forums and social networking sites. Realize the importance of what a positive reputation may have on your business and how important it may be for the overall success of your company and allocate a proportion of resources to exercise appropriate control.

Also, understand that unplanned and instant messaging may result in instant gratification; however it may not be a strong communication pitch for your organization. There should be thinking behind a message and not just an unplanned response. For a beginner in an industry, it might work out, as the customers may fill-in the gaps. However, it is not a good communication practice for bigger organizations with clients and others who need proper context and rationale.

A consultation from an online PR specialist on best practices over a particular situation is the greatest approach for a company that has an internal public relations staff. If however, a company does not have their own PR team, then an online or offline PR firm can help on an ongoing basis to build appropriate public and media relations.

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