Rich Media Banner Design

A banner is a symbol of your company’s origin and purpose; it has to be designed appropriately so that it communicates the right message! A logo, a slogan or a message, whatever it is, make it impeccable!

The deliberate purpose of online marketers and website owners is to improve banner designs, leading to significant increase in conversions on the landing page and ultimately maximizing return on investment. E-commerce business owners are always trying to offer usable design, setting an objective for their online campaign(s) by using intellectually attention-grabbing messaging, banner and landing page design that is consistent and cohesive and has the right placement.

This form of online advertising involves inserting an advertisement into a web page to increase client awareness, interest and demand for a product or service. You may construct the advertisement from an image in formats such as (.gif, .jpeg, .png). Programs or multimedia objects employing technologies such as Flash, Shockwave, etc. together with animation, sound, or video to maximize presence, highlighting core brand values and features though a series of independent online banners.

All images need to have a high-aspect ratio (i.e., either wide and short, or tall and narrow). The work also involves linking your prized banner to the most relevant page on your website. The home page may not always be the most relevant page. Remember, considerable sales are lost due to wrong linkage of web pages. You can always redirect a prospect to the most promising page and turn a casual visitor to a successful sale!

Analyze your advertising metrics and understand the need to change your banner in order to improve business or even for a small change to the look and feel of your age old site. And perhaps a simple yet flashy ad may do the trick and bring a turn around.

Wevio Global Inc provides comprehensive rich media banner advertising services that includes wide assortment of banner designs, in all file formats, that fall within the guidelines of major search engine and directory sites, please contact us for more information.

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