Beginner Guide to Social Media Marketing

Social Media undoubtedly is the most popular way for people to interact and communicate online. Any small, medium sized business or a Giant company with effective Social Media Marketing strategies can be successful. There are many social media tools like Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and many more. For any start up business the first question is what type of posts will give them success. Your posts should not only highlight your products and services but also important updates relevant to your products and services.

beginner guide to social media marketing

Each social media post should add more value and in turn should increase the number of visitors to your social media accounts. When there are more visitors to your social media profiles there is high possibility of conversion. There are a plethora of tips and techniques related to social media posts such as including an effective and pleasant image with an effective short and sweet punch line should pave the way for more conversions. The strategy of Social Media posts should be 3:2:1. Three posts related to relevant industry, two soft selling posts related to your products and service and one post related to selling hard.

As with any marketing strategy, the approach is straightforward:

  • Identify the social channels where your target audience hangs out
  • Solidify your brand messaging — what information will resonate with an audience utilizing social media?
  • Understand which social channels complement your website for conversion optimization. Ultimately, your goal is to create a steady stream of buyers.