Best ways to optimize the SEO Funnel for your keywords

While running an SEO campaign you need to think more than just ranking for the targeted keywords and attracting desired traffic. You need to invest extra efforts in optimizing the SEO funnel, right from the user clicks on your link from the search engine results and stumbles upon your blog posts because driving traffic is nothing if they don’t convert well. Below are 4-different ways you can optimize SEO funnel when people visit your blog posts. 1. Display email forms at the end blog posts For sure blogs are the hubs of latest information. Once you update the blog with some informative content for your users you can in return expect something from them. Create an email capture box and offer your visitors some value for their email such as a case study, whitepaper, or may a discount coupon on your product. This kind of promotional offers would generally be appreciated by your users because you have provided with content what they have been looking for and apart from that you are offering something extra which they might not have expected. If your users are interested in that particular product then they would definitely take the extra step and purchase the product by availing the discount. 2. Display Ads for specific products that your business offers in the side bar This will not be considered as spam because displaying ads about your products on the side bar don’t hurt anyone; instead they attract the interest of the users who visit your blog for information. So when people click through the SERP’s and arrive on your blog they will see nice ads in the sidebar which displays the products in a better fashion and moreover, these ads can create an impression on them because these are the ones related to their original search query. 3. Link to yourself Don’t be timid – link to yourself. It becomes extremely helpful if you include few links that link to other posts on your blog. Doing this will enable search engines to find and index posts and turns them in to inbound links if they are picked up by other websites. Most importantly offering links to older posts, email captures, and product pages can enable the users to explore your products and purchase. 4. Offer something in exchange of emails This can work well when you really offer something like steep discount on your products, free things, or promising something valuable. This might be something pretty different from just capturing email address of your users. By adopting the above, you can win more leads that help in doing more sales rather than just driving traffic and ranking for keywords for your posts.