India opens doors to Korean Medical Equipment companies

Pragathi Maidan, New Delhi, September 12, 2016:-
The recently concluded Medicall Expo in Pragathi Maidan, New Delhi created a brand new platform for Korean Medical Equipment companies to launch their products & services in India. Wevio Global, which represented the Korean companies, helped establish business relationships between the two countries and played a key role in the event. MOU’s were signed between Indian Medical companies and the Korean counterpart, which included technology transfer, knowledge transfer, manufacturing units and many others. Wevio signed and partnered with couple of organizations and associations from India in the Event.

Calvin Yi, the CEO of Wevio Global expressing the company’s success said, “Our aim is to build a bridge between Korean companies and global companies. India is and will always remain a key agenda for our company and it is a great feeling when you achieve tremendous success like we did in this event. I couldn’t be more elated. We are looking forward for the upcoming events in India and throughout the globe. ”

Korean medical equipment companies like Medonica, NanoomTech and Medone Innotech participated in the event showcasing their products which ranged from MRI Scan, X-Ray Systems, Defibrillators, Endoscopy Washer,Cardiology Devices, Ent, Dental devices and Bone Densitometers. Wevio Global, which represented the Korean companies helped in signing the MOU’s and agreements with the Indian companies, to establish a study flow business between the two nations. Wevio Global received tremendous interest from manufactures, dealers, distributors, partners, hospitals and doctors. It is well noted that Wevio Global also participated in recent events in Chennai (Medicall Expo July 2016) and in Germany for the IFA Event, to promote global business from South Korean companies.