Is high bounce rate good or bad for your website?

If you happen to own and run a website, you would know what a bounce rate is. In simpler sense, it is a figure that indicates the number of people, who do not remain in your web domain for long. These are the people, who do not find your web content any satisfactory. So, generally, a high bounce rate would be a piece of bad news for the website owners. When these owners get a report of the exact bounce rate, they try their level best to improve the content on the low traffic pages. But is it really a piece of bad news? It is up to you to think of it as good news or bad news for your website. There are two statistical reports which would indicate a messy situation or a not so messy situation. In one case, your website bounce rate is due to bad content on your web pages. Here, you can see that people have browsed your pages for some time and left after that. This is a sign of serious trouble. You will have to make some rather big changes and modifications in your webpage content to attract more people to them. There is another possibility. In this case, your bounce rates stats will show that the figures are quite high. This will mean that people are leaving your web domain more often. However, the time of page visits will show that people have spent only a fraction of their Internet browsing time on these pages. So, these pages are not really bad cases. These web pages do not need to be maintained any longer. You can just kick them out of your web domain. This will make your website free from the unnecessary pages and content that serves no real purpose. So, what do you infer from such basic facts? One thing is rather clear. You do not need to take some drastic steps in response to the bounce rate figures. Often, you should check a detailed report of all the correct figures including the time spent by people. With such an important check, you will know which web pages you need to axe from your website domain. You will also get to know the pages, which can be improved by some changes and optimization. This will help you to deal with the high website page bounce rates more decisively and practically.