South Korea Future View

A country as small as 100,032 Km2 of area and 51.25 million of population has been doing wonders in terms of technology, in terms of growth and in terms of advancement. Companies like Samsung and Hyundai have not only been driving the economy of South Korea but has also given a whole new face to it. Samsung a company which is not only limited to electronics, accounts for around 15% of the South Korea’s economy. A company like Samsung is not limited to electronics as it has its hands on all other sectors such as armoured vehicles, insurances, heavy industry etc. Hyundai on the other hand a car manufacturer contributes a major share in the exports along with other companies. The future of South Korea with companies like these seems to be ceaseless, more and more companies are taking birth in South Korea which is making this country a global technological hub

People of South Korea are workaholics and it is estimated that they sleep less than 6 hours on any given day and work for about 44 hours a week which makes them workaholic, the average working hours all over the world accounts for only 30 hours a week. One most interesting fact is that the men of South Korea use cosmetic products more than the men of any other country in the world. This makes South Korea the biggest consumer of men’s cosmetics in the world. The people of South Korea give importance to education and their are about 85% people in Korea who have completed their secondary education and there are about 78% people in South Korea who have completed their graduation, the trend of parties is not limited to fun rather people of South Korea love to celebrate their achievements. The increasing work in South Korea is leading to a miserable life for the people but South Koreans are intelligent enough to take care of their priorities.

South Korea a Futuristic View

Seoul the capital of South Korea is home to 10 million residents which accounts for 45% of jobs in South Korea and the life style of Seoul is no less fancy than any other big city like NYC or London. Seoul is known for its electronic market and service industry. Air hostess are not better trained anywhere else, all the airlines from the world send their air hostess on training to not any other place but South Korea, after getting trained from South Korea they know how to attend the travellers with a smile that would turn-around any situation. Another very fascinating thing about South Korea is their mud festival which is somewhat like Holi in India, difference is they use mud to play, this festival takes place during summer and is held in a town named Boryeong which is situated 200 km south of Seoul. Amid all the bustling activities in Seoul the city never stops growing though the country’s growth rate has reduced, it’s still higher than the OECD average. The future of this capital is foreseeable and measurable.

In coming 10 years, country like as peaceful as South Korea will grow to good heights and the level of commerce with other countries will increase significantly which will also result in strengthening of relationships between South Korea and other nations. People are intelligent and will get better at what they do with better education and internet penetration which currently is about 83%. It would take more planning and manpower to make South Korea live up to our expectations but looking into the present no one can say it is not developed enough already, still who doesn’t want to grow further after all we are Humans.