Wevio Global and Cooltainer Co Ltd from Korea Joining hands to Setup Cold Storages in India with RVV Enterprises

We glad to announce that Wevio Global Inc and Cooltainer Co Ltd entered in to agreement with RVV Enterprises Private Limited for supplying the Cold Storage Solution by various locations in Uttar Pradesh, Madya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and few other states in India.

Cooltainer Co., Ltd, South Koreais the world class supplier of customizable sophisticated storage solutions which work with less maintenance cost and more energy efficient.  Low temperature storeroom of Cooltainer Co., Ltd. is a foods and agricultural products storage facility that is designed with the best storage technology that has increased cold reserving performance with embossing urethane heat insulation, blocks the causes of food spoilage, maintains the balanced food quality, prevents food poisoning and other diseases, and increases storage time by reducing breathing quantity of agricultural products and slowing down the quality deterioration, by maintaining the set temperature inside the storeroom with automatic temperature control system.