Graphic Design & Marketing

Graphic Designers play an integral role in Marketing. Through the combination of text, image, color, and pattern a singular voice and image is created and maintained. Using talented Graphic Designers a company is able to inform and persuade consumers to use their product. Visual design is a key component of any marketing campaign.

A logo is the usually the first and easiest to remember gateway into a company or product. It is also consistently used throughout all marketing campaigns. Color, imagery and a sense of identity are included in the list of things that are conjured up when recalling a brand. Branding is a complex and time-consuming process that is important in order for any company or product to succeed.

Maintaining a set brand and identity can be a difficult challenge for any designer. A more difficult challenge is presented when a company’s product is advertised, or events and various marketing applications. Every new situation is a chance for a company’s image to become distorted. Marketing through design also involves subtle techniques involving color and image.

With the high rate of web usage on the rise the Internet has become the main playing field for marketing applications. These applications typically occur on websites. The three prime examples of how Visual Graphic elements are utilized are listed below:

graphic designing and marketing

  1. Call to Action (CTA): This helps guide your client to where you want them to end up. It also works as an essential piece of first level interaction with your client. Graphic design paired well with the right copy can grab your users attention and help them share that information.
  2. Infographic: This method takes full advantage of a Graphic Designers abilities. 90% of information is passed along using images and beyone being interesting and engaging they are easy to remember.
  3. Blog Post Graphics: The right graphic paired with a blog can draw more attention than the right headline. This extends into the body of your post. Intriguing images are easier to consume and add an extra layer to your posts.