Instagram Stories To Promote Your Business

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Social Media is playing a vital role today in marketing any product or marketing any business, it is thus far known for some reason that Instagram stories are effective and are focused on a certain segment of your audience, today people are carrying their whole business on Instagram and to my amazement they are doing pretty good. Social media is one of the most effective ways to promote and market your product and it helps you make a brand out of your new store. In amidst of all the social media platforms Instagram is indeed a good promotional platform and hence, there is a buzz in the market about the Instagram stories. Let us see how you can use your Instagram stories to set help your business increase.


Special Offers

What is that people are most lured by? I think that would be the promotional offers or the special offers which are really nice. I get lured by them too even when I don’t want a product but the offers make me feel valued and on top of that I get more value than the money spent which really drives me to buy more. So why not offering such offers on a platform like Instagram where you can share a story regarding your product along with some video or fine shot of your product to help grab the attention and add a link to landing page where from the customers can learn more and take the benefit of the offers, just one thing that you need to take care of and that is the promotional offer should be a nice one otherwise you’d be doomed to see the result of your story.

In and Out of your Product

People do want to know about some interesting process whether they are at all interested in your product or not, they will surely take a look on the sketch you have uploaded or the video that you have made for the production process or the features of your product just make sure you have a good quality video which is decent-made and this can turnout to be a lead for you and people might just inquire about the product by personal messaging you. You can always direct your audience to your website by leaving link in your story.

Entertaining Story About One of Your Customers

Jot down a story from one of your transactions with your client which horribly went funny, where you and your client could not stop laughing and you both ended up in restaurant where you had your dinner with a glass of wine and became friends since. Thus entertaining story will not only introduce your brand, product and you but it will also show how customer friendly your company is and how nice people work at your company. This will also attract more customers just for having a good experience with your company which will lead to a sale.


A Full Fledge Interview of Your Famous Customer

Well it might seem mainstream and lame but when it comes to reviews by celebrities or some famous person it counts in for a big portion of branding it will help you leave an impression on your audience about your product and will help you make a better network. This review should not strictly about the product it should have some humour to make it interesting and a few liners about the product which would be an add-on.

Sign On for a Takeover

An interesting feature that allows you to take-over someone else’s account for 24 hours and help seek attention of your audience this way you can promote your story via two accounts and have double impact on your audience, this helps you to steal the attention with 2x power and help you convert it to sales.

If you want to really promote your business on Instagram, you better take a note of these things and make the best use of it to integrate your whole marketing strategy with a pinch of these tips.