Mobile App Tips – Google Lollipop

Google Lollipop - Mobile App

Multi-tasking is an essential function for mobile apps. Most individuals now utilize multiple apps at one time and want the freedom to switch between them in an instance. Tasks that are performed get divided into a series of cascading windows instead of making them return to the app they were using. It makes navigation and finding your way back easier.

This combined with new Material Design, creates a more aesthetically pleasing user experience. Just like other apps there are a few ways you can maximize your experience. Material Design which takes aesthetics to another level and relies more on touch touch events, animation and Skeuomorphism but on a subtle level.


The Overview Page works by creating cards for all of the information and you can see apps this way. Taking other similar features to the next level each individual application can then show different activities in their own cards. Apps that follow logical steps can take the most advantage of this new feature.


The drawback is when too many tasks occur at one moment. This can overwhelm a user and backfire on this features original intention.

Please share your thoughts and tips about Google Lollipop. Also, What other multi-tasking tools do you utilize on your mobile or on the Web?