Online and Offline Marketing

Online and Offline strategies used to be developed separately. There is a new trend that combines both Online and Offline strategies into one campaign. This campaign has a central message that is maintained throughout all mediums. Tactics used online and offline have a different impact, however should maintain one consistent look and message. The goal of the campaign must remain paramount. Below are some examples of how offline and online come together.

Online and Offline Marketing

  1. Check-in (Mobile+Location):

Facebook, Foursquare and other mobile check-in applications like Yelp help make every customer an instant evangelist of your company. Started by Foursqaure and then co-opted by other companies it is an excellent way for businesses small and large to get a conversation started. It is also an almost effortless and presents a new opportunity to spurt traffic during off-hours and other unique ways to promote your business.

  1. Hashtags (Events)

Originally only for Twitter other companies have adapted hashtags to their platforms. These tags help divide Internet posts by topic. It can also be used by brands to see who is actually using and talking about their brand. Hashtags can also be utilized for creating online event utilizing hashtags.

  1. Track Custom URLs

Utilizing custom urls in your offline campaigns you can track where people are encountering and interacting with your marketing efforts. Typically 50% of marketing cannot be tracked and this method can be used to figure out where your marketing is taking off by encouraging people who engage offline to visit your website using custom URLs.

  1. Rewards (Digital)

There are some apps that create a social reward system that encourages repeat business. They can include getting cash back to other perks. The store and the app and the customer all benefit from this style of cross marketing.

  1. Cross-Medium Encouragement

Some offline campaigns will encourage viewers to visit a website. This is a popular method applied by movies. Other ones start a commercial and allude to a longer more interesting version online. These are effective ways to get users to visit different mediums that your marketing campaign utilizes.