Types of Searches that you should know about for SEO

It’s given that any online business needs to be at the top of search engines to be successful. Researching on what keywords your target customers search for is one thing, but have you thought of the different mechanisms and types of searches that they actually perform? Here are those other aspects of search that some people overlook and are equally important for your online business: • Image Search – Millions of people search online for information, and aside from the organic results, there are image results that people search for their specific needs. If you have a website that is image heavy, it is important to optimize those images just like your keywords to rank well in image search results. At the same time make sure the URL of the image is SEO friendly along with the image alt tag. Over time, you will notice in your web analytics tool exactly how many people are visiting your website using image search. • Video Search – This is a type of search where we have seen an immense growth in over the last few years and it is expected to grow a lot more in the future. Video submission is a great method to drive traffic to your site. Invest some time into uploading some videos related to your company. Anything resourceful like “How to..” videos are always popular. This can be done without any cost or very low cost. Either way, it’s known to be a lot more effective than plain text content such as articles and blogs, so it’s definitely worth it. • Social Search – What do you know about social search? It’s something that’s creating a lot of buzz lately because of its freshness. Search engines are starting to index online conversations so be ahead of the game and start conversing about relevant topics pertaining to your website with your customers everywhere possible. • Real Time Search –The thing about real time search is that search engines are getting a lot faster and will continue to speed up. They aim to index pages at a faster pace to provide the end users with the latest information possible. So to keep up with them, you need to add new content every day. These are just a few pointers to keep in mind, but as time passes by, search engines are going to keep evolving to better meet the searcher’s needs. Just remember to keep an open mind that there are many other different areas and types of searches existing today, and not just the organic search.