Which is The Best Web Analytics Tool For You and Why?

When you are running a website, you do everything in your power and budget to make it successful. You carry out an effective search engine optimization to bring in more traffic. You engage in interactions with your customers and also offer them deals. You also introduce them to your products and services. However, now it has been quite a long time. Would you like to know how everything is going? Would you also want to know how you can retain the traffic volume? Well, if you want answers, you need to have a web analytic program. In fact, you would need two web analytics to give you best results. But there are also some things, which you should consider before using more than one web analytic. One is that the two web analytics should not put an excessive strain on your website server. Another thing is that the secondary web analytic should be economical and cheap. Thirdly, the web analytic should provide a statistical overview of your web traffic. And lastly, it should be flexible enough. These qualities would make a good secondary web analytics. We will now look at the best primary and secondary web analytics and why they are best. One of the best primary web analytics would be Google Analytics. First of all, it can be used for free. Then, there is much that it delivers. The Google Analytics will help you to closely monitor all the social networking activity in your website. It will also be helpful in those, who have visited your website through mobile phones. However, Clicky and Urchin give more detailed stats about website traffic. Also, the Site Catalyst does some more work than Google. However, while Google Analytics is for free, the other options are quite expensive and pricy. When it comes to secondary web analytics, there are some good options to think about. One is the Piwick Web Analytic. This one provides real time reports of your web traffic. It also enables you to store the stats. With Piwick, you are able to remove the add-ons and features from your websites. You will also be able to talk to other users. This will get you some advice on how to improve your web traffic strategically. However, if not Piwick, you can try out the Open Web Analytics as well. This web analytic allows you to manage your content better and more effectively.