Industry OverviewOne of the world's most important economic sectors by revenue.

The automotive industry is continuously booming in terms of revenue, global market, technology and after sales service. However, it is not clear how the technology will change in the coming years. Automakers and suppliers no longer have the luxury of waiting for this change to happen. There is a always a scope of new technology and innovation for automakers which require huge investments and effort.


The growth and profit centers for automotive OEMs are gradually shifting to emerging markets. In order to stay profitable and competitive, automotive manufacturers and suppliers need to address the key challenges including rising product complexity, strict environment and safety regulations.

  • Expanded regulatory requirements
  • Shifts in consumer demand
  • Increased electronics and software content
  • Complexity and cost pressure
  • Diverging markets

Keys Initiatives Required for Global Markets

  • Continuous markets research
  • Building a global brand
  • Adopting appropriate production strategies
  • Identifying global partners
  • Global standardization
  • Establishing and maintaining a wide distribution networks
  • Customer satisfaction and managing changes in demand

Global Opportunities


The Automotive Industry is one of the major industries where Wevio is working to promote global market entry & sales. Wevio works with various companies and industry associations to establish corporate relationships and enhance R&D support between countries. As representatives for CAPA (Certified Auto Part Association), NATRIP, ARAI. NSF, etc. Wevio specializes in the Asian market.

Wevio specialists in global delegation development and global standardization through the certification program. Additionally, there are various auto part distribution companies such as LKQ that sell aftermarket products from Asian manufactures.


  • Global Market Research & Analysis: Complete Market Analysis for Market Entry Strategy
  • Product and Service Innovation for Global Markets: Global Product Advisory Services as Per Industry Standards
  • Global Tradeshow and Delegation Development: Product promotions through Global Events
  • Global Branding & Marketing Infrastructure: B2B, B2C, Global Buyer Database, Online Marketing
  • Global Business Networking: Introductions to Business Networks from Overseas Markets
  • Global Business Consulting: Sourcing, Planning, Execution and Negotiations
  • Joint Venture Consulting: Business Match Making, Technology Transfer
  • Mergers & Acquisition Consulting: Global Partner or Investor Identification and M&A
  • Global Standardization and Certification Services: Product, Process Standards as per targeted country requirement
  • Regulatory Support Such as IP, Trademark & Copyright Registration & Protection
  • IP Commercialization: IP Licensing, IP Spin-Off, IP Sales
  • After Market Product Sales and Services Through Distribution Networks: Performance, Strategy, Analysis
  • Capable Supply Chain: Distributions, Agents, Customers, E-Markets
  • Information Technology Practice: IT Services required for Industry


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