Why It Is Necessary

The use of catalogs (in various formats) contributes to the majority of sales revenue (calculated to be about 55% of a business). From consumer goods to factory and materials, the catalog is one of the most important components of global infrastructure and includes such information as a list of products with detailed information, pictures, graphs, charts, etc. for showing information efficiently. The catalog is like the face of the company, being remembered by customers.

Print Catalog

Final result is produced in print material.Company catalog is
easy to manage after production is completed.


Final result is supplied by app and electronic document.The catalog is effective and can be efficiently distributed.

Print Catalog

The paper catalog is still a necessity when participating in exhibitions or expos, even though smartphones and tablet products have became popular. Wevio produces catalogs focused on information which can introduce the company and product exactly the way it is, and also supplies original design files to amend later. In addition, Wevio will supply all the print materials on paper as you would see on a computer screen.

Original File

Original design files to amend
later by customer.

Printing Materials

Design result after printing; with the consideration of print quality, print color, paper, etc.


The production method is the same as paper cataloging, but supplied as an electronic file as per customer’s request. This could then be utilized for their own promotion materials and online marketing purposes.


QR Code, app, independent app type catalog

WordPress Module

Used to build the content and can be easily managed/amended with WordPress

Execution File

The catalog can be supplied as an .exe or .flv file


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