• Farming Equipment
    Farming Equipment From South Korea

    Agriculture is the backbone of any developing nation because no country born industrialised, so is the case with Korea, the economy of Korea had long relied upon agricultural products and since 1950s the country has seen its ups and downs in the agricultural trade and one thing that keeps it going is the determination of Koreans, agricultural needs have since been rising and to fulfil the need of agricultural products in Korea the Koreans have designed and produced agricultural equipment, from 1960s till date they have been producing different agricultural equipment for their various needs. In the late 1960s the

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  • Tips to Build Your Brand Reputation Online
    Build Brand Reputation Online With These 7 Tips

    It is one of the vexing challenges to build brand image online with the presence of so many social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, it is important to take action the sooner and with a propensity which can pierce in a big hole in the web. Where it is important and difficult to get recognized on the web and build a brand name with dominating market share we have brought you 10 easy tips which can help you get brand recognition and help you build brand reputation with providing an opportunity to grasp good market share.

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  • branding-and-marketing
    Branding And Marketing Trends In 2017

    It is always desired by the businesses to have as much revenue and as much growth as possible, the primary goal of a business is to increase revenue as much as they can and second goal is to grow as much as it can. To fulfil these two goals the businesses and companies are striving and working as much as they can.

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  • start_up
    Business Development And Start Ups

    Let us discuss the most talked about subject these days the start-ups, a trend which has seamless ending. Start-ups are increasing day by day in the developing countries as people are becoming more aware of the opportunities around them and not to mention the willing investors play a major role in the setup of these businesses. All around the world there are people who want to have a perfect business but what lacks in their approach is they only focus on their core work and forget about other things because of which their company is able to survive. Let us discuss some tips for start-ups.

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  • Business-Development
    Business Development Companies

    Businesses in today’s era need to do several important things which makes them very dynamic, versatile and risk-susceptible. The businesses need to take care of things beyond our imagination thus not each and every thing could be perfect, there could be several things that the business is good at but there could be more number of things that the business is not capable to handle on their own or at least not that perfectly

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  • coffee
    Growth of Coffee

    Coffee is one of the most beloved drinks among the people and one of the highest sources of caffeine in their diet beside other caffeine products such as energy drinks. Coffee accounts for 75% caffeine in Americans diet. Industrialised nations have a hang of drinking coffee everyday and Americans account for drinking three and a half cup of coffee everyday on an average. Let us see some other important global trends of coffee.

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  • search_engine_architecture
    How Does The Search Engine Work

    Everyone on internet admires Google, the biggest and most used search engine worldwide but have you ever given a thought, how does this search engine thing work? Probably no because everyone is interested in SEO but no one wants to put in the efforts to find out how actually the search engine works. Well, if you want to have a neck for SEO, you need to understand how search engines really works and here I am going to explain it.

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  • linkedin-endorsements
    How To Get Endorsements On LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is thus far the best place for a working professional to either look for a job or to hire for a job, hence, there are a number of people who today exist on LinkedIn. Even better is to have the chances of getting hired increased by getting endorsements for the skills that you are good at. Getting endorsements is something very hideous and people tend to long for getting an endorsement for the skill they are good at but not now onwards because today I will tell you how to get endorsed easily without having any trouble.

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  • organic-ranking
    Increase The Chances Of Getting Your Website Organically Ranked

    Well how important is it to get your website organically ranked? It is as important as you want people to know about your website because if your website is not organically ranked it is for sure that your site is not going to show up in the first page of Google search which means people will never come to know that you exist at all

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  • Business-Development
    Why Is Business Development So Important?

    Are you in a business that you want to make great and pondering on this question as to why business development is important, then you are in the right place as here you will find answer to your question soon enough if you will keep reading. Well, as we all know that companies fo not run on their own though they have a perpetual life, there are so many people required to run a company efficiently and there are so many different departments which are always dealing with the work that they are assigned to do

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  • ecommerce-marketing
    Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce

    We are living in a world where the trade started ages ago and since then we have evolved and so has the trade, it is not the traditional trade which used to happen a decade or 2 ago, it is not that you just go out and buy a product which does not have any variations and there is no choice available to the buyer.

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  • mistakes-to-avoid-in-business
    Mistakes To Avoid In A Business

    Mistakes are inevitable in any business and more importantly they always leave a lesson to learn which a business school will never be able to teach. But, there are few mistakes which can bail you out and hence we have made a list of those mistakes which can be avoided as those are foreseeable and avoidable.

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  • seo-services
    On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

    Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular tools to widen up your websites visibility which also helps in the better ranking of your website. Today, nobody owns a website which is visible on search engines without the help of SEO, hence, it is important you take good SEO lessons and this is one of them, you need to know what SEO is categorized into, there are two parts to this; one is on page SEO and second is off page SEO, we will be discussing about these two in a greater detail below.

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  • Medical Devices
    Quality Management For Medical Devices From South Korea

    Where the standards of medical products a decade ago were extremely bad, it looks like there has been a lot of efforts to make the standard requirement close to the international requirements such as ISO, the Korean companies who are involved in manufacturing of medical related products now need to meet the standards of KGMP (Korean Good Manufacturing Practice) which are very close to international standards ISO.

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  • socialmedia-tools
    Must Use Social Media Tools for Marketing

    Everyone knows about social media marketing and probably they know how important could that really be and thus we are here to make it easier to use and more of fun for the audience because not the audience would stick for long if your marketing is not interesting to them. Here are some tools that you can use to make marketing more fun and effective.

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  • southkoreaflag
    South Korea Future View

    A country as small as 100,032 Km2 of area and 51.25 million of population has been doing wonders in terms of technology, in terms of growth and in terms of advancement. Companies like Samsung and Hyundai have not only been driving the economy of South Korea but has also given a whole new face to it. Samsung a company which is not only limited to electronics, accounts for around 15% of the

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  • Wevio Marketing Mistakes
    Top 5 Marketing Mistakes Every Company Should Avoid

    Where marketing can prove to be doing wonders it can turn out to be quite opposite if some important things are ignored. There are number of companies serving today in each line of product which brings numerous opportunities and threats down the road. Every business person wants to be vigilant enough for the foreseeable and unforeseeable threats and wants to be welcoming to the

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  • Wevio business ideas
    List Of Top Ten Businesses To Start In 2017

    It is always a good choice to start a new business from scratch, after all it is what you can raise like your own baby, you can adore it, you can cherish its success and once your business is a grown up you can reap the lifelong benefits it has to offer. You might be very curious

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  • Five Reasons You Should Have Social Media Marketing In Place

    As a Gold digger would have his hands on every small piece of gold he could find the same way a marketer would like to have his hands on all those marketing strategies that he thinks can help increase his sales. With this axiom, I would like to begin with the five biggest reasons you should have your social media marketing in place before you even consider your brand to be widely visible and known brand.

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  • Wevio blog
    Different Types of Blog Posts

    Blog posts are one of the major tools any marketer has, they all rely on blog posts these days for various promotions be it goods or services or even any idea, today the relevance of blogs has gone up several scales as compared to past. Common people want to know everything and people have

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  • India opens doors to Korean Medical Equipment companies

    Pragathi Maidan, New Delhi, September 12, 2016:- The recently concluded Medicall Expo in Pragathi Maidan, New Delhi created a brand new platform for Korean Medical Equipment companies to launch their

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