Why It Is Necessary

In the 21st century, multimedia determines the effectiveness of promotion. A promotional video that can be planted with a product and brand image is an effective communication medium. This also opens up the buyer’s mind and is a pre-requisite for promoting infrastructure development because it can be used continuously with a link to a website and SNS.

Number of inquiries for Wevio promoting infrastructure development and request of quotations (The second half of 2015– March. 2016, current)
The utilization range of a video

Videos Provided by Wevio

Wevio will write a synopsis using a professional producer who has deep experience in multimedia production including video creation. Following approval, scenes will be filmed, narration dubbed in multiple languages, and animation created to effectively express the characteristics of the company. Wevio delivers effective communication through the design for a purpose, not just for aesthetic value.

For Company Introductions

Establishing company identity with a future vision and intrinsic value.

For Introduction of Products/Technologies

Establishing brand identity with the intrinsic value of the product.

Videos For Company Introductions

To introduce a company effectively, Wevio will plan the video initially by interviewing the client’s customers. After envisioning a story that reflects the vision and ideology of the company, the video will be filmed and edited utilizing highly skilled professionals, and specialized equipment. The result will be an introductory video that viewers can understand through an interview with professional narration.

Interview with CEO

Filming with specialized equipment (Helicopter Camera)


Filming of workplaces

Videos to Introduce Products/Technologies

Wevio will produce a video that introduces and highlights the products. To show the usage of products from nano to a huge scale, Wevio will film optimally through specialized filming and lighting equipment and describe the product effectively through 3D rendering.

3D rendering

Illustration / Infographics

Filming the use of
a product in a studio

Technical filming through specialized equipment


  • Setup your YouTube channel optimally.
  • Customize your YouTube banner and thumbnail.
  • Personalize YouTube channel appearance and brand.
  • Upgrade your Channel Info and Settings, ensuring you have the right keywords, Title, Description and Tags adjusted for search engine performance.
  • Change your Tab and Channel Style. Switch from Default Tab to Feature Tab. Blogger style is recommended especially if you are uploading regular videos.
  • Add a Feature Video. Preferably, set your latest video or your most popular video to be highlighted.
  • SEO optimize videos.
  • Personalize thumbnails to get more clicks.
  • Subscribe icon to appear on all videos on or off YouTube.
  • Keyword research for optimal PPC videos.
  • Social Syndication increase your Social Footprint.

Note: Wevio will also handle other video sharing services on request.

Wevio’s Promise

  • 100% authentic traffic
  • Targeted users
  • Video links
  • Comments
  • Social sharing
  • Your video will be among top results search engines
  • Wevio always provides top performance on your videos.


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