Global Cooperation & Delegation Development

Globalization for more business growth through B2B, B2G, B2C


“Expanding Business Globally is not an easy task, it needs to have specific, measurable, agreed, realistic, time bound, ethical, recorded and results-oriented communication between business firms”

The global economy has become more competitive as companies of all sizes seek to expand beyond domestic borders. The Internet and information technology are among factors that have made it possible for smaller firms to venture into foreign markets. Before making an international move, though, it is helpful to understand common reasons companies enter the international business arena.

Wevio International Exchange Service helps companies to identify,cooperate, organize, execute the business delegations to and from global clients. We deal in many global business delegations such as cultural, communication, ethical, legal ..etc.

Why Do Businesses Expand Internationally?


“A saturated domestic industry leaves few opportunities for companies to snap up clients. Developing countries can provide an ample opportunity for new revenue sources. Discovering resources or creating partnership opportunities may also contribute to your ability to tap into overseas consumer markets. ”


“Companies expand globally to develop synergies in resources and strengths that multiplies the value of expansion. Access to new talent pools is a common motive. ”


“Operating in multiple countries offers greater insulation from economic downturns in one or two locations.”


“If your competitors enter foreign markets, it seems logical that your business should do so as well, with conditions permitting.”

Business Solutions

“Establishing Global Business Relations through global market specialists is the promising approach.”

Global Cooperation

Wevio provides efficient global marketing services such as market research, setup of online and offline infrastructure and online marketing.

Global Delegations

Trade show and event participation with or on behalf of clients helps them to do business in overseas markets. Wevio will help to match the buyer requirements with a company’s products.

This enables organizations to build global networks, and the company will explore export opportunities and global trading

Global Delegation Process

Having the experience of executing many international delegations around the world, here is the simplified process Wevio uses for international delegations.

Local Market Research

Before entering global markets for a specific product in a specific country, a detailed feasibility study is needed. Our global market research analysts will develop an optimal business entry strategy.

Local Buyer Research, Contacting Business Agencies

Contacting a list of industry-specific organizations and companies from buyer databases to meet company-specific business needs.

Working with industry- specific key person(s) to find the targeted buyers.

Headquartered in New York, with branches in India and South Korea, Wevio has a pre-established business network.

Getting in-bound inquiries from online marketplaces and marketing tools.

Statistics of existing buyer databases helping to analyze buyer needs.

Contacting Buyers and Industry Networks

Inviting buyers and contacting them directly through the events and shows. Also arranging an appointment between buyers and participating agencies / businesses based on the schedule.

  • Potential customer will be contacted directly through the phone and an appointment arranged as per their convenience.
  • Detailed introduction emails about the event will be sent to buyers along with contact number, email, stall number, etc.
  • Consistent buyer follow-up to ensure the meeting. Ensure meeting notes are taken down clearly and follow up after the event

Organizing the Business Leads and Buyer Database

Buyer data and meeting reports are organized in a sales funnel database which is formatted to easily understand for further follow-ups.

Buyer Request Form

International Delegations - MOU Signed

Wevio is always working with various industry-specific associations and organizations to get new business opportunities. MOUs are signed with them after the event for continued support and future business.

MOU with New Zealand Boat Association (NZMarine)

MOU with Distretto Ligure delle Tecnologie Marine (DLTM) for shipbuilding

MOU with The Istituto Europeo di Design

MOU with The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

MOU with National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project(NATRIP)

Local Networks and Exhibitions - Exhibition Participation

Participating in industry-specific overseas exhibitions to introduce the company’s products. This includes consulting interested buyers and business matchmaking service.

  • Exhibitor Application
  • Schedule Traveling
  • Renting Trade Show Booth
  • Trade Interpretation
  • Booth Construction and Logistics
  • B2B Buyers and Matching

Meetings with Buyers, Local Organization and Associations

Joining buyers and organizations for business meetings, finalizing subsequent meetings between companies and buyers. This results in a smooth transition through business consultation between buyers and companies.

Inviting Buyers

Wevio continues efforts even after the event to make agreenebts happen between the buyers, companies and organizations. Buyers are invited to companies, ensuring a smooth business transaction, mutual understanding and agreement between buyers and the company.

  • Language and translation support
  • Ensure authoritative consultation and guidance
  • Conclude that possible business can happen
  • Check further progress
  • Develop relationships with associations
  • Confirm point of contact from both the buyer and the company
  • Consistent follow up on business transitions to make business agreements happen
  • Consistent follow-up on business leads to strengthen the business relationship.
  • Inviting buyers to visit the country where companies are located to discuss business deals and opportunities to work together.
  • Develop company trading opportunities.
  • Strengthen relationships with business and partnership networks through their respective networks and to know more about future global events. Wevio also co-ordinates between event organizers & companies.

International Business Contracts

Mutual understandings between companies and buyers happen through contracts. Here are few references:

Written Consulting Contract

Export ContractAs per International Law & Patents

After Delegation

Consistent online marketing and trading services occur after the delegations.

Global Cooperation Portfolio

Accomplishments through global delegations to promote companies and their products

  • 2016 Automechanika Shanghai, China – Arranged 20 business meetings with potential buyers for Wevio’s partner KUNHWA ENG CO.,LTD. (Korean auto parts manufacturer)
  • 2016 Machinery Industry Delegation to Chennai, India – Worked with Busan Economic Promotion Agency (BEPA) to organized delegation for 10 Korean manufacturers with 43 potential Indian buyers (Total potential deals of over $5.2 million USD were discussed)
  • 2016 MediCall Expo Delegation in New Delhi, India – Promotion of Korean Medical Devices Business (4 MOUs signed between parties of: Wevio – AIMED & SMTA | Medonica – RMS India | Nanoom Tech – KME)
  • 2016 Invited USA distributor Empire Auto Parts to Korea – Promotion of the CAPA program by arranging 3 conferences and 34 one-on-one meetings with Korean auto parts manufacturers
  • 2016 Consumer Electronics Delegation to IFA Berlin, Germany – Created a contract for approximately $450,000 USD
  • 2016 American Chinese Medical Association (ACMA) Delegation to Korea – Invited 11 ACMA companies to meet 11 Korean manufacturers and arranged 27 B2B meetings
  • 2016 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show (SCIBS), Australia – S-Com Tech signed up 1 LOI (S–Com Tech – Cumberland Charter Yacht $338,000 AUD)
  • 2016 Organized an invitation to CAPA’s Chairman, Jack Gillis – Paved the way for exporting to USA A/S market for the auto parts manufacturers of Jeonbuk and Gwangju regions
  • 2016 Automotive Industry Promotion Delegation to India New Delhi Auto Expo – Worked with Korea Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy relating to eco-friendly automobile business – Organized Korea Pavillion delegation for the 2016 India Auto Expo
  • 2016 CAPA (Certified Automotive Parts Association) – Signed a Tripartite MOU with Jeonbuk Techno Park and Wevio Global Inc.
  • 2016 CAPA (Certified Automotive Parts Association) – Signed a Tripartite MOU with Gwangju Techno Park and Wevio Global Inc.
  • 2016 CAPA (Certified Automotive Parts Association) – Signed a Tripartite MOU with Korea Techno Park Association and Wevio Global Inc.
  • 2016 [Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy] Participating agency of the ‘Development of Compact Diaphragm Boot by the development of Recycling Plastic material’
  • 2016 [Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy]- Participation agency of ‘Development of Beauty & Wellness material of Anti-aging from natural and Bio-materials’
  • 2016 [Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy]- Participation agency of ‘Jeonnam Energy Equipment Industry R&BD Supporting Business’
  • 2016 [Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy]- Participation agency of ‘Polymer material Industry based on petrochemistry Company R&BD Supporting Business’
  • 2016 [Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy]- Participated in the International Exchange in the 2015 International Ocean Exhibition, Philippine
  • 2015 [Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy]- Participating agency of ‘Polymer material Industry based on petrochemistry company R&BD supporting business’
  • 2015 [Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy]- Supporting businesses by R&BD – Participation agency of ‘Jeonnam energy equipment industry’
  • 2015 [Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy]- Participating agency of ‘Development of Beauty & Wellness material of anti-aging from natural and Bio-materials’.
  • 2015 [Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy]- Participating agency of ‘Development of Compact Diaphragm Boot by the development of Recycling Plastic material’.
  • 2015 [Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy]- Participated in the ‘International Exchange in 2016 Shanghai Ceramic Exhibition, China’
  • 2015 [Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy]- Participating agency of ‘marketing support for the eco-Friendly vehicle industry’
  • 2015 [Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy]- Participating agency of the ‘International Exchange in 2015 International Ocean Exhibition, Philippines’
  • 2014 India Gujarat auto show participation, MOU and international exchange programs, Korea further agreed to support an environmental company entering India
  • 2014 US AAPEX show participation, MOU and international exchange programs
  • 2014 Italy Genoa Boat Show Participation, MOU and international exchange programs
  • 2014 [Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy]- Participating agency for ‘marine equipment parts industry by supporting overseas marketing’
  • 2014 South Korea – India Auto Parts Industry Cooperation Forum foreign buyers invited counselling
  • 2014 Bayer Invitation Changwon Boat Show business
  • 2014 [Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy]- Participating agency in the ‘commercialization support project for brand capacity building of marine equipment parts industry’
  • 2014 [Shinhan Bank America]- Participating agency in the ‘Brand Business and Introduction of New Technology in U.S.A.’
  • 2013 Canada Ontario provincial visits and international exchanges and cooperation MOU signed
  • 2013 [Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy]- Participating agency in assisting in networking support for the eco-friendly vehicles and transport machinery industry (2nd year continuously)
  • 2012 [Ministry of Environment] Project support services – Participated and supported export companies in the environmental Industry and technology institutes. Performed export marketing services related to the environment with about 10 companies

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