Knowledge Transfer Services

Overview & Challenges As a global business development company, Wevio continuously analyzes industry needs in terms of technology, innovation, efficiency of manufacturing, etc. Wevio then forges partnerships between technology experts within the industry, with knowledge transfer services.

  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) are an ideal way to access the innovative ideas and skills of research and development staff – enabling organizations to achieve product development, business expansion and performance improvement.
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships serve to meet a core strategic need and to identify innovative solutions to help businesses grow. KTP often delivers significantly increased profitability for business partners as a direct result of the partnership through improved quality and operations, increased sales and access to new markets. In addition, social enterprises also see improved results, too.
  • The concept of knowledge transfer is different from that of knowledge transmission, since in the former, what is intended is to incorporate the knowledge into a chain of values with the aim of making it generate economic return, while in the latter the objective is to publish, disseminate or teach about this knowledge.
  • Knowledge Transfer is part of Business IP Commercialization. Where R&D firms need commercialization and manufacturers need to upgrade innovation and technology. To bridge the gap between these two firms, industries need the experts who build these kinds of relationships, partnerships, joint-ventures, etc.


KTP enables businesses to improve their competitiveness, productivity and performance. This is achieved through forming a three-way partnership between your business, a university, and a talented graduate.
Benefits of Knowledge Transfer Service for Businesses
  • Access to qualified people to spearhead new projects
  • Access to experts who can help take your business forward
  • Develop innovative solutions to help your business grow
  • Develop your business for today’s market
  • Increase your competitive advantage
  • Improve your performance/business operations
  • Increase profitability
  • Developing and implementing a marketing strategy to enter new markets
  • Developing new systems and frameworks to improve efficiency in staff and processes.

Wevio's Knowledge Transfer ServiceWevio forges partnerships between technology experts within the industry, with knowledge transfer services.

  • Market Research and Trends
  • Geographical and Cultural Factors for the Business
  • Industrial Trainings & Seminars
  • Business Trends & Forecasting
  • Industry Specific Knowledge
  • Training on New Markets
  • Market Challenges
  • Global Buying Criteria
  • Market Growth Drivers
  • Global Innovations and Collaboration
  • The License of a Technology
  • Trade Shows & Event Notifications
  • Business Case Studies and Success Stories
  • Marketing & Sales Training for Clients & Partners
  • Corporate Training for Business Development

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