Wevio can draw upon exisitng partnerships with companies, governments and industry associations in the Automobile sector to help build your relationships.


The Shipbuilding industry is growing quickly, and Wevio has a proven history of helping companies through expert consultancy solutions.

ICT & Telecommunications

Wevio has significant experience in providing services for ICT clients, from business foundation to commercialization to global promotion.

Renewable Energy

Through providing engineering and technical advisory services in such energy sectors as wind and solar, Wevio has built a history of success.

Pharmaceutical &
Medical Devices

The Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industry has been booming, and Wevio has helped a number of clients achieve their global market entry and sales goals.

Wholesale & Retail

Wevio has sucessfully helped many wholesale and retail clients build their consumer or B2B brands and market & distribute their products globally.

Global Business Development and Investment company working with Organizations, Associations and Institutions of various Industries. Wevio is committed to promote technology and companies that enables Industry Promotion, Commercialization, Global Sales and Distribution and Business Expansion for Korean companies in Emerging Global Economies.

Wevio Services

Wevio's proven experience will ensure
the highest performance on your projects.








Global Business Development
Grow your global sales and partnerships today.
Wevio will help you create a global vision and execute on it locally, around the globe.