Shared ownership, shared returns and risks, and shared governance

OverviewA joint venture (JV) is an agreement between two or more companies or firms to generate a new business for the purpose of carrying out some kind of mutually interesting and beneficial activity, often related to business expansion, especially new product and/or market development.

  • Many R&D companies have technology but are lacking in market experience and manufacturing infrastructure to produce the end product. Having their own manufacturing infrastructure is ideal but it involves huge investments in manpower, marketing strategy, etc.
  • Many OEMs need new technologies or innovations added to existing processes. For any business firm, acquiring innovative technologies can be an asset towards a firm’s long term success to expand in competitive global markets. Therefore, sourcing the right partner is of utmost importance. While having a self-R&D strategy is a good option in creating technology innovations such as patents and processes, it is time consuming, expensive, and risky as it is impossible to take back spent resources in case of failure.
  • Wevio helps companies work with R&D organizations and companies that have superior technology innovations, and can help collaboration with pre-established manufacturing firms. Wevio works as consultants between the best technology providers and companies in various global locations.

Overview of Joint Ventures



  • Shared Ownership
  • Shared Returns
  • Shared Risks
  • Shared Governance

Benefits & ChallengesTo succeed, JV partners must mitigate several potential sources of risk: poor communication, different objectives, imbalanced resources, and cultural clashes.

Benefits :
  • Access to Markets
  • Distribution Networks
  • Increase Capacity: Price, Quality and Timing
  • Acquiring Skilled Staff
  • Technology/Intellectual Property Sharing
  • Sharing the Risk
  • Investors
  • Local Market Knowledge
Challenges :
  • Communication Factors
  • Conflict Strategies
  • Conflict Interests
  • Imbalanced Resources
  • Cultural Factors
  • Bureaucracy
  • Poor Infrastructure

ServicesTo succeed, JV partners must mitigate several potential sources of risk: poor communication, different objectives, imbalanced resources, and cultural clashes.

  • Sourcing Partner Companies
  • Consultation Services
  • Partner Company Evaluation and Background Check
  • Market Analysis, Joint Venture Challenges & Benefits
  • Join Venture Planning
  • Legal and Advisory Services
  • IP Protection, Licensing In and Out
  • Contracting and Agreement Documentation
  • Project Management and Resource Pooling
  • Global Marketing Services

Industry Specializations

  • EXPERTISE & NETWORK: As part of global business development, Wevio is working with various industry specific organizations and associations in various countries. Our partners are spread across the world. With our global marketing experience, we found that many companies are looking at patents for sale and seeking competitive advantages and increasing their value through IP acquisition.
  • TECHNOLOGY SCANNING: Wevio works with you to provide a clear understanding of the current technology landscape and identify emerging technologies and opportunities so that you can plan for short-term & long-term technology, product and business development strategies.
  • TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT: As per client requests and business match making, Wevio scouts for patents for sale across multiple industries. Wevio works for clients as well as companies who like to commercialize their Intellectual Property, and will help you to assess the true value of your technology options based on the strengths, weaknesses, applicability and commercialization potential in the real world.
  • IP POLICIES: Wevio helps in formulating and understanding vendor agreements, CDAs, licensing agreements, assignment agreements, franchisee agreements, transfer of ownership, Registered User Agreements for Start-ups, Small and Medium Enterprises and R&D institutes.
  • TECHNOLOGY MATCHING: Wevio facilitates the successful matching of technologies through our network of global partners, helping you to create a “Technology need” write-up which provides essential information to trigger the attention of a potential solution provider. Wevio can also help you to create a “Technology offer” write-up which provides a brief description of your technology, benefits, possible applications and market opportunities in plain language to attract the interest of potential technology seekers.
  • FOR START-UPS: If you are a start-up that is looking for external resources to carry out product development at an accelerated pace and funding from overseas investors, Wevio will work with you to create a mutually beneficial joint venture entity overseas to tap on the R&D infrastructure and funding sources to accelerate prototyping, product validation and market access.

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