Renewable Energy

Industry OverviewMost focused industry in the world in current business trends

The renewable energy industry remains one of the most vibrant, fast-changing, and transformative sectors of the global economy. Technology improvements, cost declines, and the catalytic influence of new financing structures, have turned the sector into a driver of economic growth – both in the United States
and around the world. Global clean energy investment, including renewable energy, totaled more than $329 billion in 2015. Because the cost of most renewable energy technologies continued its downward trend, the world’s investment supported an unprecedented deployment of new renewable energy projects despite the availability of extremely cheap fossil fuels.

Global Opportunities


The industry is segmented by geographies, products, technologies, application, services, and various other submarkets across the value chain including,
generation, transmission and distribution, utility services, infrastructure construction and maintenance, and others. It is further segmented as conventional and non-conventional under generation and by different levels of voltage under transmission and distribution.

  • Local Government Renewable Energy Policies
  • Local Partners Search for Joint Venture of Projects
  • Changing Innovation
  • ROI and Competitive Analysis

Keys Initiatives Required for Global Markets

  • Growing global consensus that the world must deal with the threat of  climate change.
  • Continues to grow steadily and show no sign of slowing down. Meeting the world’s growing need for energy will require more than $48 trillion in investment in energy supply to 2035.
  • Government Initiatives
  • Waste Market Size and necessary alternative for other energy sources
  • The global renewable energy share can reach and exceed 30% by 2030


Wevio is one of the fast growing environmental & renewable energy global consultancy companies, providing top engineering solutions and technical advisory services in various energy sectors such as wind and solar projects. The company has the capacity to deliver fast solutions at every phase of a project, from the initial stage, project feasibility and design, and finally guiding throughout the project management of the construction phase and operations. The main customer base are usually governments and investors.


  • Global Market Research & Analysis
  • Project Analysis and Feasibility Study
  • Government Liaisons
  • PPA, Legal and Advisory Services
  • Global Tradeshow and Delegation Development
  • Global Investment Consulting
  • Global Business NetworkingGlobal Business Consulting with related sectors of energy
  • R&D Commercialization
  • Joint Venture Consulting
  • Merger & Acquisition Consulting
  • IP Commercialization
  • Legal and Advisory Services


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