In Language Services & Localization of Marketing Materials

Why It Is Necessary

In order to take advantage of regional opportunities in emerging markets, you need to be able to speak their language.

The translation of marketing material is one of the most challenging task for business to expose in global markets. Translation is just translating the language but have to read the mind of local customers and deliver the right way of understanding the products and services with clear specifications.

Most companies are dealing with prospects and customers whose interests are different. The challenge for companies and marketers is to create marketing messages and materials that will be relevant to a various groups of potential buyers. Marketers recognize that customizing marketing materials for specific audiences will increase relevancy and improve marketing effectiveness.

  • Maintain brand control and ensure brand compliance
  • Increase relevancy through customization
  • Execute national campaigns at the local level
  • Improve speed to market
  • Reach local prospects with better targeting and personalization
  • Increase channel engagement and revenue
  • Gain access to marketing materials
  • Thinking global and act local
  • Maintaining brand and message consistency
  • Localization process & time
  • Knowledge on local customers interests
  • Budget, priorities and resources

Major Services

Online Content
  • Planning, design and development
  • Localized content writing
  • Translations
  • E-Commerce setup
  • B2B Setup
  • Social Media Setup
Offline Content
  • Online catalog
  • Print catalog
  • Email marketing materiel
  • Presentations
  • Product packaging
  • Banners, promotional materials for global events and trade shows
Media Contents
  • Video Planning
  • Video Production
  • Company Introduction
  • Product Demos

Offline Content

The print catalog is still a necessity when participating in exhibitions or expos, even though smartphones and tablet products have became popular. Wevio produces catalogs focused on information which can introduce the company and product exactly the way it is, and also supplies original design files to amend later. In addition, Wevio will supply all the print materials on paper as you would see on a computer screen.

Original File

Original design files to amend
later by customer.

Printing Materials

Design result after printing; with the consideration of print quality, print color, paper, etc.

Online Content

The production method is the same as paper cataloging, but supplied as an electronic file as per customer’s request. This could then be utilized for their own promotion materials and online marketing purposes.


QR Code, app, independent app type catalog

WordPress Module

Used to build the content and can be easily managed/amended with WordPress

Execution File

The catalog can be supplied as an .exe or .flv file

Videos Provided by Wevio

Wevio will write a synopsis using a professional producer who has deep experience in multimedia production including video creation. Following approval, scenes will be filmed, narration dubbed in multiple languages, and animation created to effectively express the characteristics of the company. Wevio delivers effective communication through the design for a purpose, not just for aesthetic value.

For Company Introductions

Establishing company identity with a future vision and intrinsic value.

For Introduction of Products/Technologies

Establishing brand identity with the intrinsic value of the product.

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