Why It Is Necessary

To run an efficient business, your company’s email service is a basic need, and furthermore the software and collaborative infrastructure to share documents in real-time is a must. As an official reseller of Google Apps, Wevio recommends Google Apps and Groupware that everybody can use easily anywhere and anytime, which in turn leads to cost cutting with a high level of security.

Groupware Supplied by Wevio

Wevio supplies a Groupware service which is easy to use. You can take the secure, efficient path with the best-in-class systems using Google Apps, working together in a cloud environment and simultaneously cutting costs.

Google Apps Service

Provides Groupware that have all services including email, cloud
documentation, storage management, and video calls

Quality Control of Service

Control the quality of service by supporting during service failures on behalf of Google


Support management of usage,such as additional users of mail, customizable security settings, instead of an expensive,in-house IT service.

Groupware Service

Google improves the efficiency of the working environment by offering cloud-based Groupware. Based on the same interface as Gmail, you can experience the efficiencies of Groupware, including real time document creation, document sharing, calendar sharing, and much more.

Elements of Groupware Services

Quality Control of Service

Groupware offers constant quality support at any time without additional service costs due to failures and problems arising. If you contact Wevio by phone or email, you can receive excellent service from the company’s premier supporting teams located at the various branches of Wevio in U.S, India and Korea.


Instead of an expensive in-house IT hire, Wevio can manage users, manage devices, provide security and configure settings. This service can also enhance the effectiveness of your processes by educating your employees about how to use Groupware more effectively.

Contents of Wevio’s Management Support

Case Study of Wevio’s Supporting Service


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