The Launch of

Beshe – one of the leading suppliers of human hair wigs and extensions based in NJ has launched their website this week. This was actually one of the smoothest projects that were completed. The UI design, front & back end development were all done in a breeze. Some of the highlights of this website include the beautiful minimalistic design, user-friendly navigation of products, and most importantly, the product search function on the homepage. Three drop downs of product brand, style and length were chosen to make the search of hair wig products quick and accurate. A challenging part of the website was structuring the database. There were about 500+ products in total, and considering the different characteristics of each (material, length, style) and the dynamics and variety in length and color; it had to be categorized wisely. The result was 10 main categories with 50 products in each. The Flash on the homepage was something I really enjoyed doing. It took only one shot in placing each element of the banner in the timeline, and the client loved it. This website was a real success.