The launch of Woori America Bank website

After 1 full month of Quality Control, we have launched the Woori America Bank website at last. Targeting the Korean market, one of the main goals the client wanted to achieve was to globalize or should I say “Americanize” the Woori brand and transform it to fit today’s web standards to successfully serve the US market as well as the rest of the markets throughout the world. This hybrid of Korean – American born website was made possible by keeping the original Woori design from Korea consistent throughout, but changing the information architecture to fit the users’ needs a lot better. Through organized, streamlined content – every piece of information was placed to enhance the user experience which I thought was the most successful part of the website. The most challenging aspect of the project was the development phase. Serving the bank industry comes with strict rules to follow. All online banking websites like Woori has to be compliant with FDIC standards which meant no PHP and no CSS programming. All coding had to be done in HTML –page by page. Not only did this double the amount of time in coding, but made the quality control phase twice as hard. Everything was worth it though. The website was extremely successful, and we are glad to have served one of the top Korean American banks in the US.