Wevio with 5 Korean Companies at BIO ASIA 2018 to Support Global Commercialization

Wevio Global Inc with 5 partnered Korean companies from different business centers in the provinces such as Gangwon, JeonBUk, & JeonNam attenidng Bio-Asia & Medicall Feb 22nd – 25th, 2018 at Hyderabad.

BIO ASIA – Feb 22nd – 24th, 2018 at International Convention Centre, Hyderabad, India
Medicall – Feb 23rd – 25th, 2018 at Hitex Exhibition Center, Hyderabad, India

Company Details as below:

1. Metacine: Manufacturing of medical devices to serve laser skin resurfacing or cancer diagnosis

Metacine, Inc. is an enterprise venture partner certified with evaluation based on technology guarantee and credit investigation by Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KOTEC) since 2010.

Metacine Healthcare Research is for manufacturing of medical devices to serve laser skin resurfacing or cancer diagnosis to all, as well as bio-products discovery to provide functional cosmetics and biopharmaceuticals.

They are into Medical Devices, Medical Cosmetics & Medical Bio-Products.

Catalogues :

2. Roum: Manufacture of Coffee and VITAMIN Shower Filters
Roum is the leading the advanced culture of coffee through continuous research and development. Their main business is into officially imported Italian coffee machines & Cafe Consulting. Also into Distribution and export of ice powder, coffee beans, and other materials. They also have Fusional Korean cafe franchises in China

They did Passed in the first step of technology development hosted by Korea Association of Industry, Academy and Research Institute (2013). Roum have been acknowledged for the below:

  • Licensed for manufacturing of coffee bean “Gold Blend” and launched (2015)
  • Finished high-quality portable coffee “Super Nova” project (2015)
  • Intellectual Property
  • Applied for 2 patents in industrial and academic technology development business
  • Registered for trademark “Super Nova” and a service mark
  • Launched four kinds of snow flake ice powder (2016)
  • Opening consultation of 30 Sulbing brand in China



SOROL K Co., has produced the natural herbal cosmetics which made from Gangwon local specialities and they are trying to first step for the cosmetic market of the world.

The Slogan of SOROL K Corporation is Phyto+Medics which means natural skin doctor. So we always research natural materials for making healthier cosmetics.

They keep manufacturing high quality cosmetics (Brand HASLA & SEOLCHOHWA) representing the prestigious Gangwon province will constantly contribute to the skin care of all races and skin types.


4. LH Biomed: Manufacture of Medical and Skincare Devices 

Their main product into UPOSAVER which is ultrasound assisted. They have diversified portfolio such as Liposaver LS-1000 followed by LS- 2000 and also planning for Electric Surgical units.

LipoSaver is indicated for use in following surgical specialists when the fragmentation and aspiration of soft tissue is desired:
-Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery
-Orthopedic surgery

LipoSaver is indicated for use when the fragmentation, emulsification and aspiration of subcutaneous fatty tissues for aesthetic body contouring are desired.



5. CheBiGen Inc.: R&D and Manufacture of Molecular Biology

CheBiGen Inc. was founded on August 5, 2000 with the vision of becoming a worldwide venture company specialized in developing functionally advanced biological compounds.

The research staffs of Chebigen Inc. who actively perform research in the fields of Food Science & Technology, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology and Organic Synthesis, have devoted themselves to developing multi-functional health foods and advanced medical compounds based on the development of new medicines.



The above aspiring partner companies are keenly looking for Business Partners, Dealers, Distributors, Manufacturers, and Importers for Business Expansion, Sales and Distribution in India.

It would be an honour for us to invite your company to showcase & pursue some real business opportunities.

Point of contact:

Mr.Mike (+91-9908582098) – Mike@wevio.com

Mr. Patrick (+91-9885000350) – patrick@wevio.com

We are looking forward to have a meeting with you at Hyderabad Soon.