Automatic Backlink Generator

Automatic Backlink Generator

Backlinks are very important to make your place in the first five link on Google search. Backlinks are the hyperlinks which are coming from one web page to another. We connect our websites with other websites to make the best optimization. We use automatic backlink generator to drive traffic to our websites and to get it ranked 1st in the Google. Backlinks are so important today to survive in this highly competitive world. I am going to tell you about some platforms where you can get these backlinks generated automatically. You don’t want to spend your week of time to just create the backlinks for your website. Here is a list of those platforms that you can really use to get automatic backlinks.


#1 SyndRanker

Automatic backlinks are just as a boon for any marketer because that saves him his precious time. People have long been thinking about something which can help them automate this process of backlinks. There are still people who don’t know anything about automatic backlinks and that is the reason this article exists. SyndRanker is one of the applications which helps you create backlinks for your website. It provides this service for a fee but you might not be alarmed with it after all it is going to increase your revenues. SyndRanker provides syndications across 15 major social media platforms and provides a good traffic. It provides some surprising controls; such as schedule posts, delete strike-giving backlinks, etc.

Now, I will list some free platforms to get automatic backlinks from.

#2 BulkPing

Automatic backlinks can come for a price and can come for free as well, though the services get limited. There could be a number of rights provided in the paid service which are not provided anymore. BulkPing helps you generate sitemaps and backlinks for your websites. This is a free and automatic backlink generator which could be used for all your websites. BulkPing generates automatic backlinks on a regular basis that means you can set the limits and it will keep working in the background.

#3 No Hands SEO

Though this service is not free there is only on time buy-charges. Once you own the software you don’t need to pay anything else. So, this software is considered good. You can generate as many backlinks as you desire. No Hands SEO has a good customer rating and can be bought by any marketer.


This is one of the free backlink generators which many people use today and the results are good. The backlink generators not only link your web address to other websites but it also makes sure that people visit your site. Backlinks are very useful and this platform helps to get free backlinks. Your web address gets populated in various websites where people get to click them for various reasons.


Another free platform to help you grow your traffic by generating backlinks. Backlinks generated by this website are strong and genuine otherwise mostly other free platforms show fake backlinks.

Here are the five backlink generators which are good and 3 of them are free so you can first try them. If you want better results then you can try the paid ones. One final piece of advice, don’t totally rely on these platforms for the backlinks and try getting some quality backlinks.