Why your Website is not Ranking on Google

Why your Website is not Ranking on Google

There are thousands and millions of websites on the web and all of them want to rank well. So, they try and try but couldn’t achieve it right? I have seen very good websites failing because of just a few reasons. In this article, I am going to tell you those reasons so that you can save yourself from such blunders. Making your website great once again won’t take much time if you know where the problem lies. You want to have a good ranking on Google and I want to help you achieve that goal. That is why I am going to tell you the biggest or the silliest five reasons which result in bad ranking. Below is the list for you to understand and identify the problems that your website could possibly have.

#1 Target Keywords are Too Competitive

A petty thing it may seem but it is a very important thing to take into the consideration. You want to have a good ranking on Google and for that, it is necessary to concentrate on the keywords. Having too competitive keywords will always leave your page far behind. Hence, you need to have less competitive keywords which have lower hits like 10k and not more than 100k. Keywords always play an important role in the website ranking.

#2 Your Website is New

One of the biggest factors is your site being new because it slows down the optimization. There is not a website which gets popular in one day and so is the case with you. How to deal with an obvious problem like this one? You will need to put a lot of efforts in the content quality and then in the SEO. You need to have a unique content and then your SEO should be in place rigorously.  Your site will start ranking on Google.

Ranking on Google
Ranking on Google

#3 Indexation

Your site is not indexed and thus it is not ranking on Google. Maybe you indexed the website but by mistake it got un-indexed. Probably your SEO is not supporting the indexation. Maybe Google has not crawled through your website yet to index your website. These are quite a few reasons your website is not indexed and thus you want to resolve your issues.

#4 High Quality Backlinks

Your website needs high-quality backlinks to get a ranking on Google. This is one of the reasons people don’t have a very good ranking on Google. You want to have very good and quality backlinks for your website and not the autogenerated ones. Backlinks help the Google bots understand that this website has the potential of attracting traffic.

#5 Not Optimized for SEO

Having a good website is one thing and having it optimized for SEO is another. Though people think only working on SEO is important and not having the website optimizable. It is important to have each and every page of your website well optimized for the SEO. People tend to make a mistake in their SEO strategy by not focusing on each and every page. They focus only on a few pages and that is why their website lags having a ranking on Google.

All these factors are responsible for your website to not rank on Google. There are things that are out of your control such as a new website. But you can overcome your weaknesses with your strengths. You need to come up with a website which is so engaging that people always return to your website. This is how your site will get better attention by Google and will start ranking.