Digital Marketing Plan Checklist 2017

Digital marketing is prevalent all around the world. It is the topmost emerging field today, which is actually generating enormous opportunities in terms of generating business opportunities, providing jobs, IT, etc with excellent success. This is exactly why Digital Marketing is being increasingly taken up by most of the industries today, and is being availed benefits of.

But random and unplanned processes carried out in the name of Digital Marketing do not guarantee you success at all. It requires every step to be planned and organized. So, you have to make a well planned Digital Marketing Strategy and hence make a digital marketing checklist.

But what are the check points that one should take into account while planning such a strategy?

“Where do I start from?” and “Can I be figured out online?” are most important questions of your concern. Following are some of the vital checklist points for planning your digital marketing strategy that you can keep your eyes on:

  • First of all, look out for your traffic sources, along with number of leads that you successfully capture and.. what exactly made you capture those leads. This will greatly give you an idea about what is going well and what is not going well.
  • Compare your website to competitor of yours who is right above you on the search engine.
  • Your website should importantly be mobile friendly.

A recent study revealed that over half of the searches today are made on mobile only.

  • Look at your website from the point of view of your buyer.

It will help you create a good brand story. Well.. what can be better than your customers feeling emotionally connected to you?

  • Search Optimization of your website

Doing it is indeed a long term task itself.

  • Content Creation

Content powers business and hence effective marketing. The Title and Headlines of your content should keep the customers busy. A blog post can even be re-formatted, like Pinterest and its circulation thereby creates immense relation with your audience.

  • Email marketing

A study researched the fact that email marketing generates about 4,300% returns and hence it creates a need for it to be part of every Digital Marketing Strategy.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social Media is potentially a huge market in itself. Since almost Internet users are active on social media, there is a huge opportunity to enhance your content in innovative ways and build your community as well.

Emphasis for this, has to be laid upon the size of photos to add onto visual engagement of audience.


  • Inbound marketing checklist- it is a comprehensive checklist that contains all the Important parameters of marketing to fall in place. It’s is an ebook that not only tells you what to do, but also how to do it
  • Search Engine Optimization checklist to make sure that website has a good Marketing Strategy.
  • Social Sharing Buttons- they have become an integral part to let people share your blog easily with their friends that increases the outreach of your blog.
  • Offer your audience with a sign-up option that does a two way task, it helps your audience stay tuned with your new blogs by email, that not only takes care of their interest, but also delivers you with surity of reaching them regularly.
  • Periodic table of content marketing- It highlights Important terms in content marketing. It is vivacious table that helps you give great content.

So make maximum use of your internet and digital media means to make your business reach the marketplace.

Digital marketing has revolutionized the way businesses utilize technology for marketing. People are becoming increasingly resistant towards visiting market and shops by themselves. They rather look out for options that help them avail all the services at home. Hence they use digital means to search all possible options available. This factor contributes to Digital Marketing to continue flourishing in the marketplace and deepen its roots in the market.