Keyword Importance to the content of blogs with Do’s and Don’t(s)

We come across plenty of blogs everyday. Many of you might even be regular readers and even followers of certain blogs.

Blog is basically a regularly updated website, which is usually managed by a single individual or a small group of individuals. It is more inclined towards using a more informal or conversational mode of language, rather than framing the content at a formal note. New material is regularly posted to update a blog and to keep it going , which is potentially strong factor behind blogs to have become a major source to deliver information. It has turned out to be huge marketing platform and infact even home business in itself.


But what exactly is it that drags you to the right blog or the blog of interest to you?

They are none other than “Keywords”.

KEYWORD or KEYWORDS are basically a set of words or phrases that the user typically types into the search box of a search engine. They are vitally important for the content of each and every business website as they are what drive traffic to your business. They can even give a boost to your business in order to touch the sky high limits of success.


Choosing right Keyword is  indespensably Important. So one has to put in some time to search for the correct keywords. Tools like ”Google keyword research tool” can give assistance to do the same. After you get a bunch of keywords, it would make absolute sense to create blog targeting those keywords, since content targeted at specific keywords improves optimization of your site by Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Your primary keywords should always match your target phrase since they provide structural framework to the content of your business and hence your website. It therefore, allows you to customise the text based on the search item or term that “customers” generally use. They are the actual and most important factors that that drive your business as they are the ones that generate revenue and profit directly to make business a success ultimately.

But there are certain things to care of while inserting keywords into the content. Following are some of such points that one should keep in mind whole designing the content:


  • Do keep a track on competition. Say, visit the websites of your 3 topmost competitors in the market. Focus and find out what keywords have they used over and over again. Search out for those keywords on search engine and check if their website appears on the first page. Find your way out to utilize it to make way for your market share.
  • Create a list of keywords that suit your content. Narrow them down to reach the specific keywords.
  • Avoid generic keywords and choose phrases over words.
  • Use region specific keywords to let the search engine know the location of your business and hence help fetch you your potential customers.
  • Use relevant links wherever required.



  • Don’t overuse Keywords. Search Engines want content with clear theme and overusing keywords can put off customers.
  • Don’t try to cheat the system. Since search engines are becoming advanced and smarter. They don’t only fetch you futile exercise, but may cost you penalisation as well.
  • Don’t link too often to external sites because Google, fir example, has started penalising unnatural outbound.
  • Don’t target over general keywords.
  • Try to avoid similar title elements on each and every page and yes, don’t ignore the usability as well.


So to boost your business outreach online (which is an excellent marketing platform in itself), do take care of the enlisted factors. Also, try to include the relevant keywords that fetch audience to your website and make you succeed ultimately.