How to Rank YouTube Video Guide

YouTube is the world’s second largest Search Engine. The way websites are optimized for business on search engines like Google, in a similar way Search Engine Optimization is practiced on YouTube as well to rank YouTube Video.

Most of you might be regular visitors of YouTube. In fact, YouTube gets over thirty million visitors every single day, hence creating an opportunity to increase the traffic to your videos.

But it also requires you to work in a well-defined manner with an organized strategy to rank YouTube Video of yours. So, it is indispensable to have a clear-cut Strategy in your brain.

Here are some of the main points that you should take into account while working on Strategy to Rank YouTube Video:


  • Find keywords to Rank YouTube Video

Yes! Keywords are important to rank YouTube Video as well. Whenever we enter a set of words into the search box of YouTube or even Google, generally the video with a similar set of words fetches your attention, and hence the views. These are called Video Keywords. Google generally features videos that use Keywords like:

  • How to…
  • 10 best strategies or 10 best games 2017
  • Viral videos
  • Best basketballers 2017 or best sixes etc.
  • Funniest videos

These help tremendously to rank YouTube Video. Find appropriate keywords by looking out for the keywords in your niche.


  • Make your YouTube Video outstanding

The more impressive the quality and the content of your video, the more you will get out of it and rank YouTube Video. You can hire a professional videographer for the same. Quality is of valuable importance because it is highly important to keep the audience engaged.

But how do you know that you’ve made a good video?

Well.. when someone subscribes to your channel after watching a video or likes your video or comments on your video, it is a fair good instinct that you do have good video content.


  • Upload your Video with an appropriate description, keeping in mind SEO

Video description and title are important to rank YouTube Video. Google and YouTube, both are dependent on the video description. Always remember to keep the link at the top of the video.

Also, be sure on including the keywords within first 20 words and in your description of about 250 words, use the keywords three to four times.


  • Optimize Your YouTube channel page

It is another important factor to rank YouTube Video. Fill each and every aspect of your page.

Have a Profile Picture to help people get your page.

Always add links to your social media pages to gain traffic and associate audience to your video.


  • Get views on your video

The whole exercise described above to rank YouTube Video will be futile without views on your video. Higher the number of views, higher will be your ranking. Try to mention the name or links to your video on social platforms and Q&A sites like Quora, since that will add onto your efforts to rank YouTube Video.

Embed your video in blog posts, articles.. everywhere help rank YouTube Video process.


Follow these steps to help yourself with the exercise to rank YouTube Video. These Strategies when taken care of with responsibility, ensures you great taste of success to sustain your videos and hence your business in the long run.