5 Awesome Tools For Creating SEO Reports

Good, sorry, awesome SEO reports are important for any online affiliate business. This is because a SEO report carries details of how successful and popular your website is. Below is a quick look at the 5 best tools and applications to make your SEO awesome. Shuffling Data with Shufflepoint One of recommended tools is the new Shufflepoint. It really helps to make your SEO report stands out. With the Shufflepoint, you are able to import all the stats and figures in your Google Analytics reports. This means that you can fill up Word Documents or Excel sheets with this massive data. Moreover, the Shufflepoint enables you to explain the stats and figures by writing reports. The Shufflepoint also allows people to use an auto-refresh option. This means that with time, all the latest data will be streamed into your SEO reports. You won’t have to do all that tedious copy-and-paste tasks. Analytics Canvas For a more precise and specific survey of your website’s popularity, try the new Analytics Canvas. This one focuses not just on the whole domain but on different pages as well. Website owners manage different profiles for different webpages. The Analytics Canvas brings in all the stats from these profiles. So, what you get is a complete, comprehensive and precise idea about how your website is faring. Your clients will also be able to see which pages receive the most traffic from people. Workbooks CRM The Workbooks CRM is another program that gives a detailed report about what really clicks. It does not focus on the website traffic alone. It also pays attention to the purchases made from the website. The Workbooks CRM traces the transactions and purchases made. It is also quite precise and direct. It brings in stats of those leads, which have been converted into confirmed purchases. This data will inform your clients that your website is rather profitable as well. Linkdex For Links The Linkdex is actually a program that is used for good link building. However, you can also use it for another purpose. The Linkdex builds up a framework of only those links, which lead people to your website. While it creates a good link structure for your domain, you will get regular updates about the progress. This information can be imported in your SEO reports and surveys. So, it is quite a handy tool. Application Programming Interface (API) There are many tools which carry different benefits and advantages. If you want a little of all, you can use an API. This will help to co-ordinate the benefits from all these programs and applications.