A Graphic Designer Defined

Graphic Designers typically fulfill many different functions within a company. The job position is vaguely defined and it can be interpreted many different ways, usually at the discretion of an employer. A Graphic Designer job is to convey a message graphically in an appealing way. The attention to detail and quality of their work makes them highly sought after for the creation of promotional materials for a full range of products.

Graphic Designer Defined

Graphic design is also referred to as visual communication. At its’ core it is the expression in visual form of an idea, thought or feeling. This type of design surrounds us and shapes our world. Throughout the day different types of Graphic Design and varying quality constantly bombard us. An artist typically focuses on design only. This is where a Graphic Designer differentiates himself; especially in the field of packaging design.

A Designer must be able to acquire and process deep knowledge of a clients particular industry. If a Designer can waste a lot of money if he/she misses the objective of a project and focuses purely on an aesthetic that is appealing to him and marketing strategy. A Designer must also have good interpersonal skills. Working with a client can take a lot of negotiating, listening and debate. This is all necessary to develop a concept into a successful product.

Designers have to find a good balance. It might take them a while but most professional Designers are good at managing their time. This is just one of many tasks and duties a Graphic Designer does that is not directly design related. Other jobs include:

Client Contact: Regular communication, and meetings.

Learning New Programs: Staying current and learning the latest products.

Interpreting a Clients Needs: A lot of clients can’t express clearly their desired results. A Designer needs to work with them to reveal what they are truly looking for.

Working with other Professionals: A Designer needs to work together with Copywriters, Photographers, Marketers, Web Developers and Printers in order to get their clients desired result.

Effective Time Management: Outside of their own personal schedule they need to make sure photography, printing, content and other parts that make up the sum of their project are being delivered on time. This is the most difficult part of a Designers job. Managing one’s personal schedule can be difficult and time consuming. Keeping track of several others as well can become overwhelming.

The Graphic Design field is an exciting one to work in. Almost like magic a Designer uses his knowledge and skill to take a vague idea and turn it into something marketable and interesting. Inside of design firms or companies with a hierarchy a Designer that shows talent and an aptitude for the skills above can rise through the ranks quickly.