Avatar Generator

Papervision3d has been loved by many flash programmers for its extensive capabilities in creating virtual 3D space in web medium. Using Papervision3d, the latest technology in Flash programming, Digimi introduces a neat avatar generator. Digimi is a well-known publisher for 3D character creation for creative professionals. Employing Papervision3D technology, Digimi introduces how web users can create, manipulate and publish 3D avatars of their own with minimal effort. See it in action here: http://devcenter.gizmoz.com/newsite/devcenter/unity/papervision1/demo1.jsp Inside the developer’s center, http://developers.digimi.com/, they give access to people to download their full API documentation. This project looks pretty impressive since it provides fairly an easy start for game developers and 3D character creators without having to start from scratch.